Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is your level?

  Hello my loved ones!!!
 Been a good week! I do not have much time on the computer this will be quick. I for got my picture reader thing a anyways.. so all is well. She'll be right! We had zone meeting and that was good. Went on exchanges with elder saga that was fun! He is great... We have stake conference this week so that should be fun. They broadcast it to all the different chapels. Taree and tamworth all the way down to here and gosford!
   My experience with god this week came from a song; Nearer, My God, to Thee. It came on in teh apartment one night and caused me to reflect. Early in my mission, when I was referred to as a "greenie" often, I had (what I now understand to be) a very trunky companion and leader. We worked well and hard, but obedience was not of the utmost importance. As I left him those attitudes grew and grew. Even to the point where there was no work to do well or with great effort. Obviously due to the fact that we were not worthy of any work. We simply could not be lead by the spirit... we wanted to do things our own way, me and my new, even more disobedient companion. A week later I left and reported to the Awesome Sanctified Noble Mission (ASNM). I have told this story before. The first week here had chastened me and called me to repentance deeper than I have felt in most of my life. It caused me to change. I think I may have even driven my new trainer, my real trainer, a bit mad with my desire to be exactly and freely obedient. I attitude in THAT case had change fed almost 100%. As I worked diligently and strived to let go of my "nets" as we call them, I found my self on a long car ride, listening to the song "Nearer, My God, To Thee." It struck me to the core. That night, on a drive to Coffs Harbour, and again this week I have come to realize... that through sincere change, I am "Nearer, My God, To Thee" than I ever have been in my entire life. I am grateful to be here serving. I am thankful that I learned how to change and follow the Lord and HIS ways, rather than the "wicked traditions of my Fathers," so to speak. I would encourage all to think about their willingness to obey the commandments and rules they have been given in connection to the distance they feel is between themselves and God.
   Teaching as Jesus taught... He did what he was told, Jesus. HE was told to set up the church, accomplish the atonement, and many other things. He was never told how. To my knowledge at least. Similarly, we have been given a task by our Zone Leaders and by our stake president. We have been given resources to share and implement in the ward. We are excited about and trying our best to find ways to best impact, assist, and inspire our members to due their sacred duty in respect to the gathering of Israel. It is exciting. This was just what we needed to start on the upswing in the zone and district! Our leaders are inspired!
 Thank you all for all that you do! I am grateful for your support!
      Elder Ford

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