Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Covenant Keeping People

Dear mates,
    The thunda down unda is.... actually it hasn't been thundering... just raining! But it is nice and sunny today! 20 degrees even! That's nice. Got Hair cuts this morning from Sister Hancock, that is why we are e-mailing a bit late! All good though! Doing pretty well. Last P-day we had a zone fun day at the chapel. Was good. Passed balls around and stuff, had some sausages. Was good! It was Sister Slades last P-day. She died!!!! In the mission that is... She goes home tomorrow and wanted to have a shin-dig for last p-day. So we had a fun time, took selfies! hahaha. Hence picture no. 1. We were visiting this former and his neighbors must have thrown bread out on the lawn or something cause a TON of rainbow lorikeets (IDK how to spell that...) were huddled together being loud. ha. It was funny. reminded me of Coffs. We were at the Moanas for dinner this Sunday and they had their family over, so we tried some traditional Maori food. Weird, not bad, but weird. Their my companion and Elder Evans started talking about comics... me and Elder Saga got bored and started "muckin' around" as they say here. Elder Saga is so funny! because he is learning English he asks a lot of questions. We laugh a lot.. He speaks great english for only having been out a year! We love Elder Saga! ha. Him and Elder Chin Ah You had fun on exchanges this week... they walked from our house up to the top of our area (hamleynn terrace)! Pretty far, the walked in front of a  mosqe (IDK how to spell that either) and the Muslims followed them! they got scared and stopped sat the train station. Was a good story!
       My core experience this week came from exchanges. We had a pretty good day and the time came for evaluation. This Elder Expressed concern for keeping commitments he had been extended in various mission meetings. he wanted to actually be committed to doing them. We brain stormed and found a couple of ideas that should prove to help. It got me thinking. I found this question in my mind, "am I committed to the COVENANTS I have made?" The idea is the same. I haven't been committing serious crimes or anythin, but the question challenged me. How serious do I take my covenants? Baptism, Temple, the whole lot! Am I actually committed to keeping them? Such a big promise on my end ought to be taken serious, not just viewed as a part of life because I am mormon. As I looked at it and decided to Honor my Covenants i had a renewied sense of passion for the work and my purpose, revelation flows a bit faster, all around ait is a big blessing, the spirit works easier. I highly reccommend to anyone to contemplate how much the honor the covenants they have made with the Lord.
   Teaching as Jesus taught. I am continuing to apply what I learned recently about find when you teach, teach when you find, & talk with everyone. It is what Christ did. People flocked to him, as they should have, and we are given teh oppertunity to have a smilear impact and effect on the people we meet each day. Preach my Gospel is the greatest missionary resource we could have. I am greatful to be learning from it.
    Elder Chin Ah You is good. He is himself and he talks. He gets tot he point of things and states his purpose. Which is good for me! I tend to "beat around the bush a bit." That is good. I am able to adapt and get along with huim easier than I have others. He is straight upa nd will tell me if he likes or dislikes anything. Makes it easy! Being straight foreward is good, it establishes purpose. AJust have to be careful to always be sensative as well... haha.
Thank you all for your support! I love each of you!
         Elder Ford

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