Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quite the Hold.....Reality

 Hello everyone! I love you all... I really do!
   This week was a weird one... a good one but weird! We had district meeting on Wednesday with the new district! This is them! (see picture 1) Went good. Went down to Sydney on Thursday for district leader training! We started our zone fast an hour after the meeting ended so me and Elder Nielson (other district leader on the central coast, from delta) were downing apples in the mission office until the zone leaders called and we had a big fast starting prayer! Was fun. Trained back and had a good day! Friday, we broke our fast and had district lunch at all you can eat pizza hut! Not a good idea.. or the best idea? not sure yet! haha. Friday night we were sleeping when at 1:14 am 3 of our 4 windows in our from room were smashed in! No brick or anything so it was like a punch and a hammer or something. Really weird! We called over Bro. Karczmarz our land lord and he come over at 2 am. We got it all taken care of and boarded up in the morning. Saturday turned into all day service at the Thonpsons. was good... Sunday. We fasted again and went to the Moana s for dinner! They always feed us good! And make a TON of food! Good Maori family!
My core experience with god this week is interesting. On Thursday we went down to Sydney for the District leader training. On the train, bus, and while walking to the mission home, I found myself stunned a bit. We are so distracted by false realities. Movies, television shows, novels, games, the list goes on and on. This isn't a new thought for to have but it struck differently that day. The devil has such a hold on society these days it is scary. People walking around with all manner of vulgarity on their shirts, where it is text or image. Even wreaking windows in missionary apartments just for fun. All focused on what is not real. Hiding in false realities trying to find something, They think they will find it in entertainment. I do not seek to condemn the television or wearing of t-shirts. But I do not understand why society has shifted to such a way that we focus SO strongly on fake people having fake relation ships on the TV or in a book, but do not value raising a child in a married relationship, or taking care of our fellow men. It seems a bit cynical yes, but think about it... We need to be more dedicated to our purpose and what we do than ever before to change a world so full of glorified sin. We know that in the end God, Christ, the Priesthood, and Good will conquer. But what are WE doing to ensure and help that process?
   Since the Baptism of the Jessep family we have not had many people to teach. I am now trying to "Go about doing Good" and "Find when I teach, and teach when I find" so we can find those being prepared for us, well more accurately for the gospel. Christ always was lead the the people or they were lead to him.. How can WE get that as missionaries? I do believe it is by being willing to fully give ourselves to the lord and to FOLLOW the spirit in all things. I thought I have been strong in this category... I will relook at it and try to do better, so that we may find all those who are ready to help prepare the world for the 2nd coming of our long-awaited Messiah.
   Our long awaited messiah... I have been trying to think about the atonement of Christ and share it in every lesson or contact I share. It should be the reason for all we do. As a missionary I am finally starting to understand the atonement (at the surface of an iceberg level of course) and how I can use it and apply it and what it means. He loves us and invested a lot in us. I am grateful o be his servant at this time. The work is progressing and the world is changing! I am grateful and happy to be here at this time, that he has chosen me to represent him.
    Elder Ford

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