Monday, July 28, 2014

Change is Essential‏

 Hello familia!

                                                                               All was well this week. Last Monday we went fishing again for Elder Orrs Last p-day in Tuggerah. I caught something this time! yay!!! A big 3 kilo Salmon! Was pretty good, brother Wills had us for lunch again. :)  We got transfer calls on Saturday and after 6 months in the Celestial Kingdom Elder Orr is GONE! sad.. but all is well. I am now companions with Elder Chin Ah You, from Tahiti. He is pretty different from Elder Punu. Still has a heavy rench accent though. He lived in France for part of his life. We stopped by the Forstpointners, our RS president, Sunday night so Elder Orr could say bye. Her son hurt his arm and was asleep on the lounge (or couch as we Americans call them), so what do me and Elder Orr do? Take selfies with passed out little jaxon. ha. It was funny and his parents laughed. Sunday was the last day I got to see all of MY district. Every companionship in the Central Coast zone lost 1 except Toukley 2. They stayed. The district is very diverse again. Elder Saga has replaced Elder Lewis, he is from Malaysia. So this should be a fun transfer, definitely one to grow from!
    My Core experience this week was that change is essential! Things were going really good with Elder Orr. We had great unity, we taught well, we did a good work. Success came. However, it's started to be regular life. We were comfortable with what we were doing. While we were still doing a good work, still operating on a good level, we were not moving forward as fast as we had been or could with a change up. A big change has happened for the both of us and know we are all back at square one, out of our comfort zone, adjusting, and learning! The upward trend is back. It will be easier to "Improve & Progress" for us. there wasn't a need for change, but it is essential to keep us on our toes and ever-more alert of our spiritual growth and potential.
   Teaching as Jesus taught... We are trying to find ways to keep those we are teaching more on topic and with less room to veer of to left field. There is no problem in changing to teach to their needs, but that doesn't mean we should change our whole lesson just because the keep talking about irreverence or something else. Following the spirit is key, but helping those you are teaching to follow the spiritual message you are attempting to convey is also key.
   My missionary purpose has helped me in several ways. Ever since I have arrived in Australia and had a big change of heart I ALWAYS see the obedience message shine through in everything. SO, the first thing I recognize is that Our Purpose (To ever more effectively invite others to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End), is that our purpose is to follow the spirit and RE-present Christ in our respective areas. Help others understand their significance in gods eyes, healing the sick, and changing lives. Not to just do a good turn daily and do what we want the rest of day. Our Purpose should drive us, but as Elder Christofferson tells us, it is difficult to get there. I believe it is the level of personal conversion. If we know the significance of Christ and His Atonement, we WILL labor with all our hear might mind and strength. That is the biggest way My missionary purpose has helped me. By giving me and understanding of what it is I am here to do and who I am here to RE-present.
       Elder Ford

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