Sunday, July 13, 2014

Priesthood Oppertunities

 Hello My Beloved brothers and sister! You are all a motivation to me... all of you!
   This week has been good. My best pictures come from last p-day, when we went fishing with Bro. Wills. We went beach fishing, a new experience for me. Elder Orr was VERY excited. SO excited he even caught a fish! ha. It was a big one too! Ocean Salmon! We went to Bro. Wills house for dinner on Wednesday and had it for dinner along with some croc meat! Yes, crocodile meat! It honestly doesn't taste to crazy, and not to be cliche, but tastes like chicken! Honestly it does! It's weird. But good! Salmon was nice too! tasted a bit more fishy however.;)  The scenery on the beach was beautiful! The sun sets a bit early here because it is winter, so we were able to fish at sunset a bit. I got some good pictures of Budgiewoi beach and one of the TOukley lighthouse in the distance! It was pretty cool! All of them are unfiltered and with no effects. ALL natural! That is how they came out of the camera! it was beautiful!
   On my list for my "40-day-fast" is To Honor my Priesthood. It obviously helps me to change habits that a priesthood holder should not have, to know when to step in and help someone (and when to not), and to be a more Christ-like disciple. That was not the core experience this week though. This week I noticed all the oppertunities that arose to Honor my Priesthood. Whether it be by exercisng the Priesthood or simply by being a better individual than one would be with out holding the Priesthood. Oppertunities to serve others seem to be jumping out, including the members and families in the ward council. Responsibility at ward functions seems to lifting higher. Respect for self, the power we have been given, and the Godhead all have raised to a much higher level. Holding the Melchizedek, or Higher, Priesthood is more than giving blessing to someone in need. It is an Oath and Covenant to live on a a higher plane, a promise to be the manner of men we OUGHT to be, rather than the men we are currently. What a privilige the Lord has given us, not only in power but also in oppertunity to do good.
   We are truly following the spirit, The results are flowing. We are all actively taking part in the teaching, we are not just teaching more like the savior, but the savior is teaching all of us together. The members, the investigators, the less actives, and us-the missionaries. Christ is the ultimante example of teaching as we all know. As we follow the spirit he will teach us by teaching through us. We have to choose whether or not we all improve and progress in a lesson or whether we want to share our obtained knowledge of any principle in a lesson. Christ is the ultimante teacher , not us. I hope I have conveyed that thought adequately. it made sense in my head.
   My spiriuality has grown miles since I have come out on my mission. Upon entering the MTC my biggest problem was faith. Now, I see that all things ARE spiritual. Lessons to be learned from every experience, warnings before every struggle, forgivness in the atonement. I said a few times to a district leader of mine, "I don't mean to be overly spiritual but..." Looing back at that... I dont know why I said that. We SHOULD be overly spiritual, if it is possible because ALL things ARE spiritual!
   Kind of a short e-mail this week. Sorry. But I hope the quality makes up for the lack of quantity (or length). ha. I love you all!! Thank you for your prayers and support!
    Elder Ford

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