Sunday, July 20, 2014

You never know!

 Good Mormon! ha.. Get it? Like Good Morning.. ah ha ha!
    How has your week been? Mine has been good. REAL good! For a Start.... THE JESSEP FAMILY WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. SO good! They all were baptized except Ben who turns 8 in October! It was awesome! Our Relief Society Presidency had to run to Coles (the grocery store) after the actuall ordinance to get food for everyone. We owe them a lot... Sister Thompson and Sister Barrientos.. Champs! President & Sister Howes came to the Baptism it was good to see them and introduce them to the Family they have been hearing all about in our e-mails! it was great to have Bishop welcome them to the ward. They were all fantastic! Elder Orr got to Baptize Graeme, Elder Lewis was asked to baptize the twins, & I was asked to baptize, for the first time in my life, Denise and the oldest son. Special! The same pattern followed the next boy for the confirmations! We LOVE Them! It is incredible to see the great things they are doing and the changes they are making in their lives! We are So blessed to have been part of their conversion and the Lords servant in the area at this crucial time. After Cleaning up after the baptism and the after party in the gym, (ha, first one there last to leave right mom?) I was trying to help as best I could. But at every ward function no matter what I am doing, who ever I look down this is what I see (see second picture)! Little max! He is 3... so precious! he is always talking to me. About frozen or about dingos... that is his new discovery, dingos! ha. What a kid... We were getting ready for a dinner appointment one night this week and we have this big mirror in the changing room. SO we just kept being ridiculous till we were all ready. This is one of the pictures we took.. haha I hope you all enjoy it! Tis week has been truly incredible. VERY stressful with a lot to do, but a very good week!
    My core experience this week is really an extension of last week. There were MANY oppertunities to exercise and use the Priesthood power we have been entrusted with. The obvious is in Baptizing the Jessep Family. By being worthy of the Priesthood we hold, they were all able to be cleansed from their prior lives and recieve the Holy Ghost! That is 10 ordinances. Wow. Also, giving the Toukley Sisters blessing and assissting in their spiritual needs was a big surpirse. I found myself quite nervous. Then I thought about it. "Are you worthy Elder Ford?" It was a big relief to honestly & justly answer "Yes." Long story short. Always live on the Higher plane that we, as Melchizedek Priesthood Holders and Covenanted to live on. So that we may be worthy to bless and aid in the lives of others! It reminds me of al the conditional promises in patriarchal blessings I learned about this week!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. As we are now faced withthe oppertunity to re-teach all the missionary disscussions to the newest family of the Tuggerah ward we are coming up with new ideas. We feel that it would be a large benefit to their understanding if we reveresed the rolls and let them teach us the first four lessons. helping others to understand is all teaching is really. What better way to asisst in someones conversion process than by showing them how to learn for themselves! Since missionaries will leave eventually...
   Thank you all for your love and support! I am so greatful to hear from you when I get to be so blessed. I think and pray for all of you often. But not too often ;) Love you!
       Elder Ford

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