Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not trunky... Just learning

 Hello! My friends and family! How much I love you all!
    This week has been nice. One of the families had us over for dinner and the made a little fire in the front yard! That was fun. It reminded me of home and all the fun times in the back yard... You also think about the saints in the pioneer days the "Firesides" they undoubtedly had. That was fun! We did a fair bit of service this week that was nice. Always good to break up the work a bit! over all life is good. Not too much to report... Elder Chin Ah You and Myself are getting along well. He is fun to be around. it is good to get fresh eyes into the work here to see how we can improve things. Elder Saga is great as well! he is funny and makes us laugh! He is very courteous and clean as well. All around a very easy person to live with! i just hope I am giving back and returning the favor.
   My core experience with God this week came from a few different experiences. The first, we went fishing on preparation day with Brother Wills. I was reminded of my father taking me fishing as a young boy. I thought of his letters from Coasta Rica talking about his Deep sea fishing he had the chance to participate in. We caught 6 fish that day. Elder Saga caught 3 in about 15 minutes! We were all amazed! Elder Saga is fun to be around... anyways! We had the fish for dinner a few nights later at Brother Wills home with his 2 sons. He decided to smoke the fish instead of grill them. The smell and taste all reminded me of my fathers home and cooking in southern Utah. By simply tasting food cooked in a similar fashion my mind could see the sun setting on the mountains of red rock and snow canyon in St. George. I could hear native American tribal music in my head. It had all reminded me of my life and relationships before the mission. Similarly, I went on exchanges this week with Elder Bardsley, who was my zone leader when I was blessed to be able to serve in the Port Macquarie branch. I was reminded off all the good times and fun experiences of what seemed like a past life. In both cases I was happy and wanted to talk more and smile. For some who might read this the word "trunky" is coming to mind. I knew there had to be a spiritual lesson behind it. I thought about it... and I realized... When we as missionaries share the Gospel with these people we talk to every day, we are reminding them of their literal past life, their pre-mortal life! The heart yearns for it and our message is the way they can have this joy, the way they can find this truth while lost in a "tumult of opinion" the world creates.  We have a responsibility to remind our brothers and sisters of their divine heritage and purpose! how great will be their joy when the are reminded about their prior lives! It was a happy thought to me.. I hope I have illustrated it well for you!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. He always did what he could to have a profound influence and increase the amount of believers. We must also do all we can to increase the amount of believers. We are seeking to utilize our time with members more effectively. Elder Chin Ah you has brought back a good way. We are going to be seeking more referrals! We have said this before, but we are moving ahead with a plan that I have seen work in my mission. I am excited to be here with my companion at this time. I think we CAN have a profound influence on the ward!
   I would say my level of consecration is good. There is always room to improve though. I was really happy after going on exchanges! It kind of kicked me into gear and made me realize some bad habits that had formed, and potentially have added to the stagnation of our work. I am excited to be moving on. Always looking of small ways to improve makes a big difference as we know. I regret not doing a 40-day-fast this transfer... It seems so much easier to grow when we are reminded day and night when you must account to God for your actions! I WOuld sayover all I am good, not great. I am seeking to become great however! I just need to make the choice to be great I think...
   I am grateful to be here. I am happy to be serving. I am doing well.
      Elder Ford

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