Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Would Hope...

 Hello!!! I hope this e-mail is finding you all well! I do feel your prayers, Thank you!
   This week has been good. Elder Chin Ah You and myself are starting to get to know and understand each other. So, that is nice. The fla is doing alright I think too, as far as adjusting is concerned. Elder Saga is so funny! Earlier in the week he kept walking around the apartment saying "I'm full, but I'm hungry. Does that make sense?" ha. It was so funny for some reason. He is an Awesome Elder though! Convert of like 2-3 years, only member in his family, served in this branch presidency for a while, and he is only 21 years old. What an Elder! We have fun. We have kind of been exploring a bit, me and Elder Chin Ah You. This is us at the end of a path where the Ourimbah creek (or crick as uncle Larry says it) meets the Tuggerah Lake! It was pretty cool. Elder Chin Ah You took some funny photos hanging off the tree. We also found this cool place in Toowoon bay before a dinner appointment, the Sun was setting and it was beautiful! We took some more funny pictures, one of us walking, it is kinda like an iconic missionary picture... just in the woods. haha. But it is good. I thought I would share some of my pictures with you.
   My core experience this week is more of seeing an outcome. I do not intend to be boastful and hope to avoid all pride. I would hope that the Lord, and others, would say I have grown and have made a good habit of following the spirit and trying to receive revelation. The whole process of seeking inspiration, preparing lessons or trainings, leaving commitments, promising blessing, and later following up is becoming natural. It seems like a puzzle of random segments from Preach My Gospel that I have miraculously been led to piece together. (I would say it seems almost a second nature, but I am just asking for trouble if I say that!) I feel that my spiritual progression has hastened since my call to serve increased through the assignment of District Leader. I enjoy it. I hope that I am doing well with the stewardship the Lord has trusted me with.
   When Jesus taught, he knew how the people lived. He knew their environment. He knew where, how, and what they lived in their lives. Elder Chin Ah You and myself have been trying to really get to know Tuggerah and the environment so we can relate to people, investigators, less actives, and members alike, more fully. Even more importantly to relate the Gospel to them in a way that they will understand and accept. Knowing who and What is around you is key!
   I would say it is the small and simple things that would be holding me back in the work. I need to make a habit of updating the area book, I need to talk to everyone, I need to always seek referrals, etc. There are the small things that we always forget to do and usually don't like to do, but make All the difference for ourselves and others, now & in the future. It is overcoming forgetfulness, laziness, and bad habits as well.  Those are the things I am working on to perfect my influence as a representative of The Anointed, the Great I AM, even Jesus Christ.
   Thank you for all you do! I really appreciate it.
      With much Love,
                     Elder Ford

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