Monday, September 8, 2014

Slowly working my way South

Hello friends and family!
  After an awesome 6 months the Celestial Kingdom has moved from Tuggerah NSW to Normanhurst NSW! I was up in Coffs, up on the Central Coast, and now I have just barely come through the fog and canyons into the Sydney zones! Literally, it was so foggy coming to transfer meeting! haha. I was very sad to leave Tuggerah... It truly became my home. Seemed as if I was part of the family and living there! Maybe that is why I got transferred, hey? All is well though. Change is necessary, as I have said before. The chapel we meet at for transfers is my new transfers, so I am reminded of Maryland Heights MO. My "Birth" area. Normanhurst is in the Baulkham Hills Zone. I call it the mother zone because it is HUGE! One of the biggest Sydney zones in size and THE biggest in numbers! I am 1 of 3 District Leaders in the zone. I am pretty sure all the other zones just have 2. It is weird being here... But I will adjust. My new companion is Elder Simeavao, from Samoa. If you have a good memory you will remember that I served with him in Coffs Harbour zone. SO that is fun. He has a reputaion of being crazy! ha. He is a good time. 
   I will miss Tuggerah. I really loved the Elders I was with when I left. My Companion Elder Chin-Ah-You, from Tahiti. The french military boy! I was mad to be leaving him... And Elder Saga... I love Elder Saga! He is so humble and funny! He is quiet around members... but when he speaks it is pricelessly funny! ha. I will miss them!  To one of our Dinner appointments this week they said it was a pajama party, so they planned on making fun of us for not being in PJs... So what do we do? We were onsies and Pj's over our proselyting clothes! haha. Funny thing is... they all "forgot" it was pajama party night... Really they "couldn't be bothered" which is aussie for we are too lazy. haha Just kidding they are funny... ha
   Last P-day we went to Somersby falls. It was a sweet little hike! So fun! I have so many pictures this week but can only send three(there is a limit on how much info I can send, like memory I can attach.). it was way fun! A good end of transfer zone p-day! A good one! I talked the other disrict leader into getting wet if I did.. he agreed thinking I wouldn't so I go right into the water fall! haha. He had to take up his end of the bargain! So I will try to send more pictures of that! 
   My core experience this week has to do with change. I was in an apartment I had been living in for 6 months. No one around me was the same as when I arrived, nor in my district, and the zone was in a similar state. Then, I came down to Sydney for the meeting on Monday. All these people some I know, some I did not. I see people who are now leaders that I knew well before they were given added responsibility. I Don't see mission leaders that were here when I arrived. I kept having flash backs of my new arrivals meeting. I went to my new zone leaders flat, I had stayed there once before. Again, all was different, but the same. I was feeling.. not let down or disappointed... but for some reason surprised. I knew all these people had "died" in the mission and I know others have progressed spiritually, but for some odd reason it shocked me a bit. After feeling a bit... feelings are often so difficult to describe. Anyway, later I thought. It is much similar to life and history and the church. The doctrine and the scriptures have stayed the same (for the most part) but the faces have changed. (prophets, apostles, etc.) The gospel is eternal... we are merely tools in the lords work to bring to pass ETERNAL changes in a temporary state. I do not know if I have adequately described my experience... but I hope you were able to get something out of it!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. I now have a lot of people to get to know. I hope to be able to get to them on a personal level. SO I, like the savior, can teach to their needs. SO they can improve and progress eternally! I know it is through the spirit that I will be able to do so, and do so quickly. The spirit is key in all things. Through it we can know all things. Even the Truth of all things!
   I would tell any 17 year old who is preparing to leave on his mission to study Preach My Gospel and read the Book Of Mormon Everyday. I would have been so much more prepared If I had spent the time to prepare. Instead of just saying "oh, yea I'm going on a mission soon." And slowly reading through  the Book of Mormon. It is essential in this work. It is absolutely needed. You would have so much the advantage if you studied those 2 books everyday. I would recommend not only preparing missionaries, but all members to do the same!
   Thank you all for the love that you all have for me! I am appreciative of it! ( I nee dot work on my spelling!) I love you all!
            Elder Ford

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