Sunday, September 28, 2014

Patience my Boy...Patience

Hello my WONDERFUL comrades in Gods Army! It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Hornsby! Summer is coming and it is getting nice and warm! :) Makes elder Ford happy. Must be the endorphins in the sun light! Or how ever you spell it! This week has been interesting. not bad though! HEAPS to learn from! The are doing the monopoly campaign at McDonald's, or "maccas" as the Aussies say it, again! So we in the Dura-Hursst District (Dural/Normanhurst) have a pool going. We all go to McDucks (as Elder Ford has called it for a while now) and pool our monopoly cards.. ha it is fun! Builds unity right? We are close on a couple! We know we will never win.. it is probably impossible... filthy Maccas and their sneaky business.. haha. One of them has a HUGE blow up monocle monopoly man! ha. Reminds me of Ace Ventura "Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars!"  well.. that is a good summary of the week.. now on to some good lessons learned!
   My Core experience this week... Is kind of like last week. Every where we have gone, surveying, tracting, following up on formers, etc. Man people have been quick to get a little.. not angry.. but defensive might be the right word. I asked one man if he would be willing to take a survey. His response get eviler and eviler as he spoke, "Oh no I am not the one to talk to about religion. I do not believe in God. All churches are blinded. And THAT CHURCH (pointing to my name tag) is the worst of all with gold plates and..." he continued to slander my beliefs. All of this because I asked him to take a survey! I didn't even mention God, Church, or Religion. It was So Funny! I walked away from him laughing. This week has been filled with people trying to prove us wrong. I do believe Satan is trying to test our faith. Not succeeding though! If anything this week has built my Faith higher. I have truly had to rely on the Lord for many things. Is it the refiners fire? I do not know. But this week, and I hope all weeks in my future I will have the same feeling as I did in my last e-mail: "I will always be faithful and true!" 
I am striving to be more Christ-like in my life and in my teaching by increasing my patience. I'll tell ya, I have wanted blow my gasket a few times, For various unimportant reasons. I try to realize this won't matter in a months time or maybe even a weeks time. I have tried to be as D&C 121 as I could. Patience, "long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile." Striving to give up all my hate my anger to the Lord and thinking of his love for me and his sacrifice. I was reading today in 3rd Nephi chapter 22. I read verses 11-17 and felt comforted. I think that is a good motivation to endure all! Just a couple of thoughts!
I would hope that my impact on the mission would be a good one, as everyone else. I think of the leaders that truly helped me to grow and were true examples of what a missionary SHOULD be! I Hope that I have left the same impact on all my companions and District members I have been given responsibility for. I would hope that I have been that same example of what a missionary should be. I may not have been in some cases... None are perfect, that includes senior companions, District leaders, and so on. However, I hope that I can improve myself, and help others to do the same! I try to share my experiences that have shaped me and helped me to grow so that they can experience and have the same knowledge as I. Which hopefully would lead them to get more out of other and higher leaders. I feel that I am rambling now. I hope that I have said something to inspire you! 
   You all are an inspiration! Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers! I DO love YOU!!!
        Elder Ford

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