Monday, September 15, 2014

A Sense Of Commitment

 Hello!!!! How are all of you? I hope well. I hope well.
  I am e-mailing a day or so late because we had a big zone Temple P-day. We get to do that here in the city zones! Ha. It was good, always nice. I was feeling quite rushed before hand (Sydney traffic), but I was so calm once I  was greeted inside the temple... funny of the Spirit on the House of the Lord will do that to you! Not a whole lot to tell you this week... I am getting used to the Ward it is different, but fun! It is definitely a lot more busy! Driving here is fun too! I love driving down Pennant Hills Rd at night... You get kind of the cruisin' feeling.. haha. It was good! All in all, the new ward is good. The work moves quicker here. I see the office staff more than once in a blue moon. ha. They told me that our ward is one of the 3 that gets the most referrals! So that is pretty cool... yea! i just looked and realized i didn't take ANY pictures this week... sorry!
   My Core experience this week came from what else but the miracle books we received! I was SO happy to read miracles from missionaries I had served around! Most importantly, and impactfully, were the ones from my first zone leaders in the Awesome Sanctified Noble Mission, ASNM... I began to miss old times and experiences I had with them and started to remember the things they taught me. I had been feeling discouraged all week, so this was helping.. but also somewhat amplifying the feeling...  one of them wrote that he learned "a missionary without a vision is usually the one who struggles the most." Boy, did I know that  was true through the spirit when I read it. It applied to my whole mission (and life)! I have been asked what my "Vision" is many times since arriving in Sydney. I have always had a thought to say but never have. Even when my own Stake President asked me before I left, I had a thought.. but never said it. I think Because I knew if I said it that it would be an actual goal. I believe I was afraid of failing the goal so I just have never put it to be an actual goal. 20 Baptisms, with at least 1 in each area. I have always thought about it. I decided to man up and make it an actual goal in my mind and now actually, as you will be able to hold me accountable. I thought of something that our "Mission Mom," Sister Howes always says: "Mission math. If you want to baptize a lot of people,, you will talk to a lot of people, if you want to baptize a few people you talk to a few people." With that in mind... I realized I have been the Lords instrument in the conversion of 9 of his Sons/daughters. Thus meaning 11 more to reach this new goal. I mad e the decision that I was going to try and teach 11 other lessons a day, and talk to everyone! I had this great zeal come over me at 11 o'clock at night when I was in bed thinking that "that will be easy!" I started to think of all the people I talk to, at the grocery store, walking to appointments. I have realized I can do more. I pray for the strength and courage to do more! And I hope and commit to do more. That is a bit of my experience this week.
   I love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers!
      Elder Ford

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