Sunday, March 30, 2014

Improvement and Progression Have One Eternal Round

Hello, O my Beloved!
   All is well in Tuggerah! It is a fun area and we get to do a lot. It was weird being in a big ward again... ha. I was used to being in a branch with 45-50 people there every Sunday and knowing the branch list better than some of the presidency. ha. Probably why I got transferred... ha. All is well though. We have a decent apartment, one of the members is the Land Lord. He is way cool. We have this huge couch and have to enter through the back door because it was converted into a duplex. It is so fun. ha. I guess the Aussiees have a problem with flushing toilets... this was on the back door of the stall in our chapel. ah (see picture).

No, I am kidding obviously. I love the ward so far. They are very nice and good to us. We have a meal calendar again! i haven't had one of those ina while. ha. All is well here. We DID end up getting to go to the temple this week it was great. I say end up because the other Elders lost their phone on the train the day before.. ha. So things were kind of a mess for a few days... seeing as he is the district leader! ha.
    It would seem odd to say my core experience with god was anything outside of entering the House of the Lord this week. I feel it might be almost inappropriate to say it was anything else but the Temple, as I had the blessing of being able to attend this week. As I was inside the Temple in Sydney I had thought of all these things in the last week or so that I had experienced. I had listened to talk (which spoke of our first parents for a moment), Elder Imesons departing testimony, the John Tanner story we showed a family the other night. Then I was looking at Adam and Eve in my head, realizing they gave up everything because they knew that they had to in order to fulfill the words of the Father and keep all his commandments. They chose to leave comfort levels, like I recently learned about, in order to grow and progress eternally. They had to "Put down their childish things," as Sister Nelson put it, and CHANGE. I realized that in order for us to improve and progress in this "one eternal round" that we need to CHANGE. Literally "Forsake the Things of this World" and seek for the things of a better. As I was pondering that I was lead to think "what is it we have to change or give up?" I noticed that in every case, all my experiences the past week, all the scriptures, all the prophets, and my missionary call letter, point at the same answer. Everything. The 40 day fast has stuck out to me for nearly 2 transfers. I knew I needed to do it. I half and timidly attempted it up in Port. I received half and timid answers and miracles. I have now been "fasting from anything that pokes at my spirit" for a week almost. I can see problems in myself I had never seen before. I have realized how judgmental I am. Which has been how I am trying to teach my like Jesus taught this week. Christ never judged anyone he was teaching for doing wrong... even though he is the only one who rightfully could. That is my revelation I have received this week. Missionaries, and every Saint in these latter days must CHANGE their ways and live consecrated. Quite a tough endevour. As my new companion, Elder Orr, loves to quote: "I never said it would be easy. I said it would be worth it." As with any law given to us by the Lord. I hope to become the lord needs me to be and pleads with me to be, by aligning my will with that of the father and CHANGING.
  Once again, I LOVE you all! I am grateful for your love and support. I do feel your prayers. I hope my e-mails can be of the benefit you say they are. 

   Elder Ford

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