Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coffs harbour trips

Hello! Another week has come and gone in the great city of Port Macquarie!
 We went up to Coffs Harbour last week for zone training meeting and zone P-day. It was fun! we went out on the island again and played some "touch-footy," that means 1 hand touch rugby here. ha. It was fun and good to see the other missionaries. We are traveling up there for district conference this weekend. For those of you in Utah, that is the equivalent to a stake, but instead of wards they are branches. Which is what a ward is when they don't have enough people to be labeled a ward. SO that should be fun!
  WE went out to tacking point lighthouse the other evening and got some great pictures! I kept thinking of the Hymn "Brightly beams our Fathers Mercy."  President Packer gave a great talk about it a few years ago in conference relating it to the atonement. Highly recommend it!
  The work is going well we are so close with some people. So close!
 My core experience with god this week... I would have to say that it came from zone p-day. Other missionaries were trying to help my learn how to do a back flip (no harm was caused I am safe and sound!). It was very evident that doing such a task was possible, as I could see it being performed in front of me. It became quite clear that I needed to over come a mental barrier. I have done similar things before. I am reminded of my High school Grid-Iron days, when weight lifting was a big part of my daily life. When learning how to squat I had to "Break a mental barrier" in order to do the work our effectively. I thought to my self... "wow, this applies to missionary work all too well!" I am I scared to be better? There is more that I can do! We let the fear of social interaction dissuade us from missionary work all too much. I need to break more "Mental barriers" if I seek to be successful! Like it has been said before... Fear is the opposite of faith!
   I am trying to improve my teaching be being more unified with my companion. I tend to dominate and take over lessons.. that is not good we know. The most spiritual lessons are when the companionship both have an equal share in teaching and testifying. I am working with Elder Punu in this cause. We are so close with some investigators. So close. I can truly see them starting to change as we try and try to be more sanctified. 
  I would say the two things that most impacted me from the Elder Nelson Conference are these: Put down your Childish things, and that the lord calls the unlikely to do the impossible. Sister Nelson was the one that taught us about sanctifying our missionary efforts and "putting down our Childish things." There are so many small things that are unimportant to missionary work that we do. So.. Childish in the eyes of god, at least I imagine so as I do not see through gods eyes. Elder nelson taught us that the lord calls the unexpected. We may not think that a certain member is a good fellow shipper, but if the spirit says to invite them you better do it! I saw that miracle this last week. It offers strength in those times I was talking about, breaking mental barriers, as well! 
   I love you all so much! I am grateful for your support and love. 

   Elder Ford

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