Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just another week in Port!

Hello my Beloved bretheren and sisteren!
  This week was fun. we were on exchanges so that is always a good experience. Since we are so far apart here we just have 4 missionaries work in 1 area for 2 days. So that means LOTS of planning! I got 4 or 5 meals lined up for us and the Tamworth Elders. It went well. It was a good opportunity to show them the natural beauty of Port as well. They are stuck out in the desert most of the time! I tried to make a sandwich the other day... the only problem was that it was too big for the sandwich maker to cook... what a shame! Last P-day, our branch mission leader taught us how to golf in an open area at his retirement village. His name is brother  Ormsby. he is the NICEST old man you've ever met. ever. Love him. We and him went to the chapel a bit early yesterday for church because we had to go to Priesthood Executive Committee. There was a family of kangaroos just chillin' there on the grounds eating. It was fun to see. The natural beauty of the world is incredible. Jesus knew what he was doing! (ha) We only have a half p-day today because we have zone meeting and zone p-day up in Coffs Harbour this weekend! So yay, more time in the car! ha. It indeed has been, another week in Port!
 My Core experience with god this week has come through what I have taught others. We began talking and teaching about the sacrament when we visited less active members. I read on old conference talk by Elder Oaks on sacrament. I have always and respect for the sacrament and have always tried to make sure that it is done EXACTLY how it needs to be. When I was a Deacons Quorum president we were drilled on how to pass the sacrament. I am grateful for that because it instilled in me to always have a sense of reverence and respect for this sacred act every week. It gained more meaning this week though. I have always known that it is renewing our baptismal covenant but it's cleansing power really struck me as we taught about it! It just kind of clicked in my brain how Important this act really is. I have noticed it makes these less active members think deeper about their excuses for not coming to church. It brings the spirit. The sacrament truly is sacred.
   Our teaching here is getting better. We are starting to be more evenly split with talking. I have been telling you the same thing my whole mission it seems like when I talk about my teaching. It is starting to finally come around I think. We are teaching better and involving more. We are also leaving more and more commitments. That is the biggest difference. It leads people to change and act on our lesson. I am now writing the commitments I leave in the extra space in the back of my planner. That REALLY helps me keep track and know WHAT to follow up on.
  My core experience with the Book of Mormon this week... I have been reading it everyday in personal study and it truly gives you more revelation than anything else you study. I would say being on exchanges this week with a bold convert to the church, Elder Ripley, was what made the Book of Mormon really stand out this week. We were with a family that is always criticizing the missionaries and telling us how we can do better (sometimes they do bring up good points that really help us). He asked them if they are reading the Book of Mormon. they said it has been a while. He bore testimony for 10 straight minutes about the sacred text translated by Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, Joseph Smith. The spirit was undeniable. The family committed to reembark on reading the cornerstone of their beliefs together that night. It is a truly inspirational collection of scripture!
  I am grateful everyday for all the love and support I get from each of you! Thank you for all that you do!

  Elder Ford

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