Monday, March 24, 2014

Miracles of the Spirit

Elder Meson
Elder Leneham

  I have been Transferred to Tuggerah! My new Companion is Elder Orr from Idaho! It is on the central coast and only an hour away from Sydney. It was weird driving here. The exit we took to get here was one of the rest stops on our way up to port! ha The nearest missionaries are now in our flat with us instead of an hour south in Taree. ha. We are going on a temple trip this weekend, and actually have to dress up and physically go to a district meeting! Wierd...
  At transfer meeting a missionary I really look up to and learned a lot from (that served in Taree) "Died" yesterday. Or for those of you that have not served missions, went home! ha. Back to Wyoming. I got to see Elder Leneham also, another missionary I have learned great things from. He goes back to Brisbane in 12 weeks! I took a picture of the Newcastle sunrise before transfers s well for you. We had to travel there the night before so we could leave at a  reasonable time Monday morning to get to the meeting in Sydney. Again with the driving...
   My core experience with god this week, I think, has to do with the spirit. At times it feels like I am spiritually apathetic. As I have been in this country however, I am starting to feel it and understand it a bit more! Hence the promptings I have been receiving lately. I am truly learning to follow promptings, we had a miracle in port last week that came from following the spirit! We tracked out a street by a less active sister home 6 weeks ago. I wanted to go get rid off all the pamphlets and 2 copies of the Book of Mormon I was carrying. I didn't know why, but I left random things on random doors. Last week as we were leaving this same less active sisters porch we saw an older man sitting on his porch at one of the houses we knocked on and didn't get an answer. We left and as we turned off the street I felt... we need to go back. My mind said no, he's just an old drug addict and won't listen. We got 5 K's away and over a bridge even, when low and behold, again, another prompting. Go back! I had to or It would have haunted my dreams. We went back and guess what... He read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we left on his porch twice and got a hold of the Book of Mormon we left on his neighbors porch and has read the whole introduction and is well into 1st Nephi. I was stunned. I had never received a prompting like this before. It was no coincidence that we had an incredible personal and companionship study that morning. We talked to him and found that he deeply needs to understand the atonement and that god loves him. We set a return appointment and found our 1st investigator of the transfer (in week 6 of 6). What a Miracle! I feel that the lord is starting to guide me more. As I, hopefully, am starting to listen more.

    I am starting to improve my teaching be not being so over-bearing at first. Not just straight business from the get-go, but by easing my way into it. I have seen how it works. You are much more able to find out what part of the gospel they need to hear. It makes it more interesting to them as well! they don't feel that I am pressing them to force my beliefs on them, as people seem to think of us. I have found the inspired questions flow MUCH easier as well. It is incredible what happens when you align your will with that of God.
    If someone was losing interest in preparing for a mission... I would tell them I respect their agency, but they should fully consider what it is they are going to do and not do. I would bare testimony about how much I LOVE my mission. The ups and the downs. I have learned and grown more in just a few months out here than I had in my whole 19 years growing up i the church. I find more purpose in EVERYTHING. I understand life now, I am happier with the small things. I in a sense am finding myself. Which reminds me of a quote in the movie we watched a Christmas, Ephraims Rescue one of the things the mother said to her son when they HAD to leave home and "leave behind all other personal affairs" as well was something to the effect of this: "You have to lose your life to find it." She was not meaning you have to die to find your purpose but that you have to leave behind old things and "lose" what you do in your life, to find out who you TRULY are and what your purpose is. A mission is the greatest thing you could ever do with these years of your life. I am totally convinced of that!
   I love you all so much and am grateful for your love and support! You are living in the great Dispensation of the Fullness of times! You are fighting the adversary in great strides. I pray we can all fight evermore effectively to prevail and retain our liberty!
Love ,
   Elder Ford

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