Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taking Christs Name Upon Us

Sorry if I already sent this... The  library kicked me off when I was trying to send it last. So I don't think It sent. However, now I have more time. Thank you for your patience!
  1st to answer the big question you all had this week... Conference will be aired next weekend in the chapel at the regular Utah times. So that will be nice but also... kind of annoying not to hear them yet. ha ALL is well though! haha. I am letting whatever may come, come, and loving it! Right? Well, we live with a missionary from Melbourne (pronounced Melbin here), and he is always ragging on America and saying how wrong we are about everything and how much better Australia is... so Me and Elder Orr decided to put Ol' Glory right above our desks. Which are in the main room of the flat. haha. We thought we were pretty funny... There is some promotion on Slurpee here and they gave this upside down lookin umbrella thing out to give you more Slurpee's for free! Pretty sweet! I was on exchanges this week and didn't have the car, which meant we got to take a little ride next to Tuggerah Lake. Beautiful! It was nice. There is a cool part of our area called the Entrance ( I am sure Blake has told you about it) that I will try to get some good pictures of as well! We got to see the Toukley sisters baptism this weekend and it was great to be apart of. Since they only have 4 sister missionaries in the ward Elder Blames, our Aussie district leader, was asked to baptize him, as well as confirm him. We all had to go because we only have one car for both Tuggerah companionship, the same happened for Toukleys sacrament, since that is when the confirmation was. We went to 6 hours of church yesterday. (minus the time for meetings) I felt like I was back with the zone leaders in Maryland Heights Missouri, when we went to 5 hours each week! it was good. Who doesn't love to be in 2 fast Sunday meetings?
    My core experience with god this week... It would have to be a mixture of two things. The first, seeing the Toukley Sisters Investigator, Brother Aubrey, be baptized and start on his path back to the father. What an extraordinary thing. He was cleansed from any and all sin, then given the gift of the Holy Ghost the next day. He had a powerful experience that day and the next. You could see it in him, the light of Christ shining! He told a few people, I being blessed ti hear, of how he felt. His testimony was deeply strengthened. It was incredible. Undoubtedly this motivates me for my own area, Tuggerah! However, that is not the core lesson this week. The gospel principles lesson we were a part of discussed the Priesthood. We all were able to share how the priesthood blessed our lives or how having the priesthood blessed our lives. The theme around the room was Priesthood blessing. I felt to share how being able to pass and serve the sacrament was instilled in me ans a deacons quorum president. I thought back to those days and remembered the joy I felt when being part of that sacred duty. I was reminded of it much in my service in the small branch I recently served in. I did not understand it fully as a young man though. It has only been on my mission that I have fully realized why it is so important. The next day we were able to deliver the Sacrament to a recent convert in our ward at a rehab center. She was so touched to have received the sacrament. It was important to her. I was blessed to be able to aid my heavenly sister in this way. The baptismal ordinance & covenant, and the renewing of it through the sacrament touched me this weekend. We are taking Christs name upon our selves. We partake of the bread representing his body. It digests within us and becomes a part of our body. Christ literally becomes a part of us. we should be and need to be worthy of that honor. The atonement of our Eldest Brother is incredible and never ceases to amaze. I am grateful to serve others and help them receive the blessings of that sacrifice through the Sacrament. I said last week we need to change, just as our body itself changes when we partake of "the flesh of Christ." We need to choose to spiritually let him become a part of us.
    I am trying to improve my teaching by creating an atmosphere where the spirit can reside. Where the spance is sacred and not profane. The blessings are obvious and evident. It would dramatically change my and my companions teaching. I correct myself it would dramatically change the SPIRITS teaching, through us. i aim to be more effective in my teaching, i want to help people change and make Christ a part of themselves and their lives!
    An unexpected event while contacting this week. we were walking to an appointment talking people we saw on the street, and this lady kept talking to us. unusual. We were able to share with her some subtle truths, and hopefully bring the spirit into her day. She took a card and a pamphlet. Unusual for Catholics in this area. the miracles that happen when you just do what you are supposed to... talk to everyone and follow the spirit!
   I thank all of those who have already expressed and offered Birthday wishes! Better early then late.. haha Thank you. I love you all! Enjoy your week. God Bless.
    Elder Ford

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