Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Indeed transfers was last week! I am with Elder Taft. is 21 and from Fruit heights Utah! he has been serving for 10 months!  or ten and a half as he says. haha he is cool and LOVES the jazz! so that is good. we are doing good. taking over an area after 3 weeks can be a little tough... but it is what it is! I can do it. we are doing alright! it is getting darker earlier now so that is a challenge! but... we will figure something out! The weather here is amazing actually! the last few Saturdays have been incredible! like PERFECT weather! makes me wanna watch football! hahaha makes me think of waking up to the house smelling like hamburger hash and watching Saturday morning football with you and Andy! that was our "family time" right there! haha  I don't want you to send a Christmas package cause IDK if I will be Australia then or not! if I get there you can just give me some money to buy a GPS or something... don't worry about it mom it will be okay! cause for all I know I might still be here on December 25th. hopefully not so I CAN avoid that winter! haha I AM doing great! do not worry. you know me! haha  all is well. the lord takes care of his missionaries! that is true. I promise! ha I wont lie I am getting a little "visa-trunky" that is what I am callin' it. ha but I am not worrying about it! no need to worry about something I cant control, right?

That is really cool about your gospel doctrine lesson. something that I heard in the MTC a lot was that we are called, like you are called to be a gospel doctrines teacher. and who the lord calls, he qualifies. you are absolutely doing fine! everyone used to tell me about how much they enjoyed your lessons! they told ME. that tells me right there that they really do enjoy it! and when you are called you receive revelation for that calling that no one else can receive! because YOU are called to TEACH. it is pretty amazing really.

oh man.. no Utah game... it always feels a bit off when Utah has a bye! ha but at least Andy had fantasy football the next day right!? haha

I get jays and a few of Colemans emails. but no I haven't heard from Micheal! hope is doing well. I wouldn't imagine that his mail address would be different that is a pretty unique name! doesn't hurt to try! sounds like mays is doing fantastic! that is good to hear! is he dating Becca yet?? haha tell him I asked that! pretty cool that he is getting more job opportunities though! that is fun! glad alex is still around! i love that guy! he is cool. an awesome friend! and so fuuny! garret told me that frightmares has dueling guitars so that should be pretty cool!! wish i could see it but oh well!! no i havnt heard from the Rawling's or any other cousins! speaking of cousins can I get Dylans address. tell him thanks again, and hope didn't OFFEND HIM. BECAUSE i KNOW THAT FILM IS HIS PASSION AND I DIDN'T INTEND TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE IT WAS JUST A FLIMSY OH THINK i COULD DO THIS? IT IS SOMETHING i REALLY WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT AND i GOT MUCH MORE OUT OF THAT TRIP THAN SOME LAME CONCERT! HAHA oops... caps lock was on... didn't mean for it to be ! hahahahahaha oh man... embarrassing! almost as embarrassing as my spelling... but yea.. I am too lazy to go back and retype all that so ... yea. hahaha

I am doing good! I love you mom! don't worry about me! I am doing well. all is well! :)

your son
   Elder Ford

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