Monday, September 23, 2013

Tiffany Baptized

Tiffany was indeed baptized! It was the first one I was able to see while serving so that was awesome! I also got to help teach her, I was there for about half of the teaching! it was really cool! She was baptized and was smiling for the rest of the night! So humbly happy! it was really happy to see! I was able to be part of confirming her, in the circle that is. So that was really fun!
   I am not getting home addresses no, but I am getting cities and states! Elder Phillips is from Reno/Las Vegas! he will be giving his talk in Reno not this Sunday but the next. He will fly into Reno on Wednesday and hang out with his family then spend a week in Las Vegas with his girlfriend! hahahaha then back up to Reno for his talk. ha that was his plan before I got transferred at least! The zone leaders up here, Elder Johnson mainly (elder Phillips last companion, think I have a man crush on elder phillips. hahaha cause for some reason he always comes up in conversation when I am with them! idk.. guess I could. I definitely plan on keepin in touch with him!  i can get more info if you want..?
   Glad all is well with the Paige situation! glad you are happy! and excited about the inheritance! hahaha not gonna lie...
   ha yea!!!! undefeated seniors!!! haha I love that! hopefully it was a good game! I was so freakin mad I couldn't watch it! hhaha it was like the biggest day of the year back home... haha but Brother Glassford 9the ward clerk) texted us the score at 1:58 in the morning haha. Hopefully Andy feels better and doesn't get too behind on school work!!! that would be bad!
   I try to write in my journal. it is not everyday but close to. I do like to write in it, it is a good way to stay mentally healthy and have a release. I do have a bed! and honestly I think I might have slept better on the couch buit the bed is probably better for my back! It is nice! I got a Mizzou blanket form sandy in maryland heights when we did some service for her. so that and my Australia blanket are on bottom and there was a comforter left in Warrenton that I use! so I am fine there! I cant think of anything I need. I am doing fine. the letter from Howes was interesting. I saw the bottom part about those that arent there yet. ha that was cool! I also looked on and my area CHANGED to the north so I bet I am in the north!, you're right! ha
   Elder weight is OPENING up st. peters 2 and I am staying in warrenton and getting Elder Taft. so that is fun. This week is transfers btw if you haven't gotten that yet! haha. so I am excited to meet someone new! well. I love you!  "Fear not, Only Believe!" -Jarius (Christ healed his daughter in the bible)

love you mom!

Your son,
    Elder Ford

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