Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warrenton not Australia

Start out with a quick story... so today is zone P-day so we slept over at the zone leader a apartment last night. I didn't pack my card reader... so I cant send pictures! haha sorry! but I will try to do that next weeK!  Ha yea last week got kinda crazy!! haha but I am in Warrenton not Australia. haha I hove had no word on my visa still. I get the e-mails from church headquarters once a month telling me they are working on it. So as soon as I know you will know! I will not know till I leave. Warrenton IS very small and flat! haha but I like it. it is fun! I enjoy it. It is very different from maryland heights for sure! The ward covers half of the stake in size. we split the ward with 2 elders from the city of Troy. if you look that up it will give a reference on how big the ward is. and we cover Montgomery city too! so it is pretty intense!!! but awesome! My first day here I met a recent convert named Joe. hahaha he lives in a tailor park and was wearing a camouflage hat and a confederate flag belt buckle. hahaha but he is a pretty spiritual guy! good testimony, he prayed while angry as could be instead of smoking a cigarette. he said he had a special experience after his prayer that a voice told him to always obey the word of wisdom. crazy huh?? pretty cool! Not being with the zone leaders is different but it is way fun too. I miss Elder Phillips and our shenanigans, but I love Elder Weight (my new companion) too! it is fun. I do a lot more teaching here. we have an investigator that is pretty ready to get baptized she just needs to get off the nicotine. and she will. one of the most strong willed investigators I have seen out here. she came to church on Sunday and fits right in!!!  
ha yea I know who you are talking about! Sister Davidson! she was the 1st person I met in Warrenton and is the relief society president. we only worked on the fence for like an hour.. so we werent there for too long. but it was fun! and not as hot as she probably made it sound. it was only like 11 in  the morning! ha but I had fun! I did get a little cutt on my hand.. and i was fine! it is a little cutt.. ha it is actually more of a scratch! haha  Glad to hear all went well up north though! good to hear. gotta love lynelle right? ha she is awesome! it will be a lot of fun to be able to hang out with them again! just like old times when me and colemy-poo were but wee lads.. hahahaha omg i am soo weird! haha  cool that alisha is pregnant I guess. i can see her liking being a mom. hopefully she does! sad to hear joan though! the worst things happen to the best people!! craig e-mailed me and told me about his eagel court of honor and the picture real. said it had a bunch of back pictures from way back when!  thought that was pretty cool! love that kid. cool that mays-face is finally getting a break I guess, or will be soon! I have a friend out here that lives in Holiday that is hopefully going to do wild land after. so I willhave to get him maysons info!  I heard he saved bruce willis' house? ha pretty funny! yea... no surprise with garret and sam... thats just them.. ha. those crazy kats... ha  yea andy told me abit about football. jonny more told me about fantasy! sao that is cool! haha gotta love the J-Kat!  

My new Companion is Elder Weight From West Jordan Utah. he is awesome! a choir kid and loves music and has a celebrity crush on selena gomez! haha he is silly but awesome! he knows the ward like crasy! he is an awesome missionary. I am happy to be with him! we have fun together! we took a picture of us wearing our Byu and Utah gear! hahaha so I will have to send that next week! ha.  but yes all is well! all is well. Love you mom! 

Ye son Elder-o Ford!

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