Monday, August 26, 2013

Freakin Happy

 OH MY GOSH!!!!! I thought the shorts were lost into the abyss that is my room!!!! I was SO FREAKIN HAPPY those were in there!! hahahha thanks for the cookies too. and the shirt, hopefully that will motivate me to continue my diet. So I can have it fit like it used to with out being a widge bit tight. hahaha so me and Elder Phillips got a good laugh when we say saw the article you printed and sent out! hahahaha thanks btw!! ha which president was it? It had to have been Clark... he has been gone for like... 90% of the time I have been here! hahaha that's funny! good to hear there is no legal garbage going on... and that my truck still works! the lights are a funny game... you gotta slowly and I mean mean slowly! turn the keys back towards you after it is started until the little blue AC light on the dash turns on. hahahhaa then they will work. but the light inside the  truck on the right wont blink. just make the noise! hahaha man that thing is funny!!!! That is So good that you are helping Lynelle! tell her hello and that I love her! she was pretty much my 2nd mom until she moved.. then it was a mixture of Ann Knudsen and Joan.. then it turned into completely Joan! hahahhaha but anyways I am glad you have the chance to spend time up there and help her  out! you know she will appreciate it so much! i still remember when they drove me up and flew me down back home... that was an awesome trip and I liked it! that was so nice of them and for some reason I feel like I have never said thank you but I cant imagine that I didn't! knowing me I have probably over thank! haahha oh man! big mike is leaving huh? wow that is crazy... it is really gonna hit the other guys now! super hard! wow... that's awesome! he will do great! that's cool about the Tolberts I guess. i will have to tell Garret Eskelson (he said he was jacobs mtc companion I have said this before I think). no need to pass this on.. but thank goodness I will be gone for that! haha and the engagement! ugh.. hahahha So I think we might try to sneak into a sports bar on Thursday night... haha idk though! I think we have a dinner appointment that night! and thank you for the schedule! so much! the Utah Byu game is on elder phillipos birthday! well... sounds like Andy is nuts as usual when it comes to school!!! what a crazy guy! hes crhay-zee! do you ever see garret? that guy man... every time we talk about weird Mormon stuff I always think of him quoting a movie saying "shine on ya crazy Mormons!' haha
the work is going well!!! we made contact with Mario and sandy again! sandy might come to church this Sunday! so that would be sweet! I am pretty sure she is the reason I am here. she was a referral given to us on the 1st night I got here! but idk! hahaha mario is still learning but doing well! we are trying to help the zone (or stake) get up to speed with the new plan we have going. oh I went on exchanges this week and slept in a bed for the 1st time in 10 weeks! ahhaha and honestly I think I slept better on the couch! ha but that was fun! me and Elder Prescott taught up a storm that day! it was cool! 

love you mom!
Love Elder Ford

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