Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah Poster in my room

So... I ended up buying some shirts and hats out here... hahahahahha Like I need 'em right?? ha so I don't need any clothes, I would like some more basketball shorts but I really just hate everything I have back home. haha i only like these ones. but those were nice when the black ones were in the wash. and the green ones I wear with other stuff. (pretty much just my Oregon stuff! haha)  so as far as clothes go I am fine. don't send the cookies either. elder Phillips came and him and elder Wickham are on a weight gain diet, so I figured I would go back to cutting, since I have gained pretty much all of it back! haha so it would just be a temptation.. maybe later on!!! BUT! I think there is a Utah poster in my room that has this years schedule on it? like on my night stand I believe, I would like that. Or send me a schedule... oh and have Andy tell me when Utah is having their Thursday game.. so we can have dinner at a sports grill at a convenient time! hahaha OH! speaking of sports bars... Elder Banks (one of the APs) said that he went to buffelo wild wings the other night and gymnastics was on TV... then with my creeping knowledge I remembered reading some where that the gymnastics worlds competition was in august.. so you should see if that has happened yet... and yes if Jordyn competed.. lols! haha and tell me! or tell me when it is if it hasn't happened yet! hahahahhaha I am SO freaking creepy it is funny! wow... I need to focus! lol
As far as Visa waiters are concerned.. I think they just send them out as soon as possible. there are 4 of us still here, but 2 have theirs and leave very soon! But we all saw each other at transfers and took a picture!!! i will try and remember to include that! I don't know if it is coordinated to have travel companions I was just told they get them there asap!
HOLY COW ABOUT THE FIRES!!!!! that is nuts!!! ashes on your car? that is like dooms day stuff! ha hope the lil guy is alright and the near accidents wasn't foreshadow... that would suck! He is probably doing alright though! 
Glad to hear that grammys house got sold. that is good. as far as the rest goes... is it just the necklace you have and they have the rest? if so I feel like that should be fine... if not just give them the rest... just say whatever! I don't get it man... I would like to write a letter to Kelsey and Dylan. I would to receive their addresses. :)   not to be angry at all! ha just to say hi! and tell Kelsey that I still hope WE can be friends and have a relationship. and yea. I am glad everyone is glad to hear from me. hannah said she was going to respond and Taylor said she is trying to.. so I am kinda waiting on those letters kinda not... haha I figured they would get a kick out of the stickers on it! glad they enjoyed it! I knew Amanda would be reading it so I added some stuff to Amanada in the letter to Kenzie! hahaha I am glad the Schwendimans got my letter too! ha weird to call them that huh? I wrote Mr. & Mrs. Schwendiman for the address. hahaha pretty funny huh? I told Kenzie and Amanda that they are the only girls in the pictures I have and everyone asks,as andy predicted, "are those your girlfriends!?" and just reply omg NO!! hahaha it was pretty funny I hope... I also wrote a letter to everyone in mikes family! so i hope that went over well!! 

Glad to hear Andy is having fun and doing something!!! dad sent a couple of pictures to me and his beard is CRAZY!!!1 hahaha that is so funny!!!!is he trying out for "beard wars" yet???does he tell you about what I write him at all? it is mostly just a bunch of nonsense! hahaha. but it is fun!

So our new companion is Elder Phillips. he is from Las Vegas and this is his last transfer! He is awesome! really funny and cool. He is really experienced and knows a lot! so it is great! funny story. so President clarkes rule on music was as long as the companionship both agreed it was okay. and Elder Phillips talked to him specifically about it, and said theat pres clarcke said yo;u;r mission should be a time to form good habits and memories for the rest of your life! use good judgment and do what is right (that advice sounds awful familiar to me for some reason *caugh*caugh* mom *caugh*caugh*), but as long as the companionship agrees on it, and you both feel it is missionary appropriate it is alright. so that was cool. no one has really asked president morgan so I think we are just going to wait till he releases HIS rule on it! haha so what I am saying is that we listened to taylor swifts RED album like all day on Friday! hahaha pretty funny! 

I am doing well, and having fun! Missouri is great! I am enjoying it. It is a great experience  Life is well and god loves the world. This probably sounds cliche for me to say but try and help the missionaries at home out. have them over for dinner sometime. let them talk to sam, mayson, garret, nick, and Chris. Maybe they will be more receptive because their best friend is doing and believes the exact same things as that missionary. IDK... I have been thinking a lot about my atheist friends a lot... probably just because I am out here! they probably a rent receptive still... whatever I love them and god does to! maybe mayson will be after some scary firefighting close calls... anyways! I am happy and liking what I am doing. it is weird to think about home at this point! weird... 

hahaha the assistants (who I just mess with all the time) just texted me and asked who hannah bareny is... this oughta be interesting... ha I think that means I have a letter! Banks is going to try and turn this into a joke on me... but I usually can comeback at him pretty quick! I like to mess with them. 

ELder Ford!!!!!

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