Monday, July 15, 2013

Nothing tremendously exciting!

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As far as the package goes that is alright, I actually have some more requests... so that is fien! but please do send it quickly as we are bored of our music in the car.. hahaha. Could you send my utah football poster from my room? that would be cool! also, on my laptop there should be some music under the artist "theme songs" it is just randoms stuff, but could you put the utah and USC fight songs on a cd for me. as well as the 1 CD of church hymns I have on my laptop! if you could go ahead and do that... that would be great... hahaha maybe some M&M cookies? oh, and real quick. just to satisfy my creeping... could you look up if Jordyn Wieber has returned to Competing yet?? ha weird I know! but if she has I would like to know the results. hahah anyway! on to the real stuff!!!
yea... that part about granma and stuff was creepy... glad that's all going well... anyways moving foreward!!!
glad blake is back and you guys have more friends!!! what does andy think of shan-shan andreason??? that is awesome though!! I will for sure let you guys now a.s.a.p. where I will be at!
Everyone here always asks me about the visa too! I will not know until I am actually leaving. We will get a phone call on our mission cell and be told I leave in 2 days be at the airport at this time or whatever. so I will not know until it happens. could andy tell dad that cause he asked too and i forgot to tell him haha  I am not "waiting for another call" no. this is my area right now. waiting wont do anything.  If mayson emails today I probably wont get it till next week unless it is soon!
Nothing tremendously exciting! we taught a 70 yr old lady named sandy. that was cool. she is away spiritual! she is cool! we helped her clean her house and I got a free Mizzou blanket so that was cool! we went on 3 exchanges last week! so we were EVERYWHERE!! hahaha and then the A.P.s came into our area. they are way cool and live in our apartment complex so we see them every mornign at work outs! they are funny! I give the 1st assisstant, ELder Banks, a hard time. but he is way cool!  they helped us find some potentials! that was good!well the work is good. it is fun! love ya mom!!!
Elder Ford!

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