Monday, July 1, 2013

No Worries

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1st off! thank you for the addresses!!
As far as sending stuff goes.. I just want a belt for my jeans, cause I  have to wear my church belt. lol. and i just figured if you were sending my blanket might as well send some other stuff! and I might buy a shirt here... like a mizzou shirt or something.. but we don't really go shopping at clothes stores.. just the ALDIs down the street. it is a REALLY cheap food store and it is all generic brand stuff. hahha  A Utah shirt would be cool. um... Dont worr about the shorts... guess they are just lost. lol. dad said it has been like 117 down there! that is crazy weather for you guys! but yea it hasn't been bad here, definitely sweat a lot more... but i don't really mind it. I am just trying to enjoy being here! The sun sets are Beautiful!!!! I feel a mix of grammy and forest gump saying that... haha I just keep thinking of that scene where is in on the boat. haha sorry for all my spelling miss haps but I just don't care! ahhaha
so one of T's MTC companions goes the single ward out here. Elder Eclinson or something??? seems cool.
Oh! and if you see a charge on the health insurance card don't worry...
Elder duke kicked a stump... that had a yellow jackets nest in it... and i got stung in the hand.. hahahahhaa it seemed fine, then the next day it got kinda swollen... hahaha so we went to the urgent care! ha I am on 10 days worth of antibiotics. but do not worry! it doesn't hurt or anything and i am completely fine!!!
life is good here.. oh i sleep on a coach by the way! lol    dont worry it isnt bad. it is comfortable.  I am going to see if I can attach some ELder FORD!!!

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