Monday, June 24, 2013

All is well in St. Louis, MO!!!

Thank you for all of your support and love ha! But I am doing great! just going along doing the work! The put my in a companionship with the zone leaders! So I am with Elde Duke & Elder Wickham! they are both really cool guys! Duke is from Glendale, CA and Wickham from Cheyanne, WY. Me and elder duke have already had several conversations about california hahaha. Yea we are over the Maryland Heights ward as well as a YSA ward, and it was one of the YSA sisters that was like "oh let me take a picture and send it to your mom!!!!" I knew you would be so happy and agreed and gave out your phone number... haha but it was cool! So i sent a letter home... IDK if you have gotten it. But yea I sent it! ha Glad to hear the friends are coming back over!! tis good. ha   always good to hear mayson didn't die. that is a plus. ha.   I have been reading jesus the christ and you should tell garret to read it. Cause he is oddly interested in religion for being atheist. ha but I think he would like it. From a literature stand point at least. ha. and jonnny-kay has not been coming over>?>> what a lame-o!!! haha    but yea if you respond within like the next 30 minutesa i might be able to replay again...     oh can you go on to facebook and send a message to Melissa Lyon. I want to write and tell her about the MTC, cause she is going to love it. make sure it is a mesage though, no need for a wall post. haha    and also the Rwalings address. I want to write them. In my letter I also asked for Keytins address as well as international postage. ahhaha you will see soon hahaha.
love ya mom!!!

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