Monday, October 21, 2013

Elder Ford in Missouri

AH! HELLO my friends and Family!!!

I am doing well still. Missouri is fun still. No matter how used to a small town you think you are... you always see something that surprises you! haha The other day there was 2 old guys sitting by a fire they made on the grass on their front lawn, cooking hobo dinners for lunch, a big ol guy with no shirt and they had the door of the pick  up open listening to the most hick country music I have ever  heard! haha coming from me , you know that means a lot! hahaha it was funny! 
   I am not driving any more, my companion got his papers signed so now he is the driver! So I am back to standing behind the car backing him up and on the passenger side! ha. oh and carrying the phone, which my companion is happy about because he doesn't have to talk to people any more! ha but that is alright with me, because I like to text the other missionaries in our ward funny things randomly! haha.
   We are supposed to teach 20 lessons every week. it is our "Standard of Excellence" for teaching. It is mixed with Investigators, less-active members, recent converts, and member lessons. SO between those different ways we are supposed to teach 20 lessons a week. That is where 20 lessons came from in my last e-mail! This last week we taught 15 I think... so it was okay! 
   We set a baptismal date with Andrew, Oct. 29th! So that should work out well! We taught a man named Jeff last week with a member named Brother Glassford which was a great idea to bring him! He really helped Jeff understand the things w were teaching! Rita canceled on us this week.. she was feeling sick... so hopefully she feels better this week and we can teach her!! that would be good!  Other than that we have some potential-Investigators we are trying to start teaching, and a part member-less-active/active family we are trying to start working with! The father, Abdur, has been on and off investigating for many years. His wife (the member) and him stay home on Sundays to watch the sick kids, but the healthy ones come to church! ha He is a good example to his wife, or so she says, and seems very ready to accept the gospel, he pretty much just needs to be baptized an come to church more often! His oldest daughter is almost 8 and is REALLY excited to be baptized! She wants him to baptize her, and he very well could! So the circumstances are just perfect! We are going to try and start that up.. should work out! So that is the summary of the work here in Warrenton! we are trying to get the work going a bit faster! 
   Preparation Days here are a bit slow... We are out in the country, so we are pretty far from anything. We usually just shop for groceries, e-mail, and play basketball inside the carpeted gym in our church with ourselves or the other elders in our ward! other than that.. it is pretty slow! but that is alright! We get stuff done the rest of the week, and "P-days" are comparatively unimportant! Oh! A few weeks ago I bought "safety color green" hooded sweatshirt! So I am visible when I run in the morning! hahaha so that was fun! it is pretty cool! I enjoy it! All is well in Missouri! Have a great week! ;)

Elder Ford

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