Monday, November 11, 2013

Guess Who Got their Visa!

  After a long 5 Month stay in Missouri Elder Keefer finally got his visa... hahaha Sorry I had to fool you guys! But yes Elder Keefer is going to Australia in a week! That is the reasoning for the Trio! It is fun though! Me, Elder Bowen (Coalville , UT 13 months), and elder Keefer are enjoying our brief trio-companionship!  We are doing well! Elder Keefer opened this area so it is still fairly new! and he has put together  solid area book and is ready to hand it off! We have about 10-12 investigators and 12 members in our small Linn branch! It is an adventure though! I am excited to serve here! We have a very good Branch Mission leader who loves us! He is a nice retired doctor who used to go an a lot of safaris when he was able bodied! ha He has shot everything from Lions to elephants to deer to gazelle and everything In between! he loves to tell us his hunting stories and show us his trophies! He is however very humble and grateful for the success the lord has allowed him to have in this life! I am doing well. The other night I was thinking to myself how grateful I am to be out here doing the lords will. I truly do love it! My testimony has been destroyed and built taller because of it! I never understood the metaphor of tearing something down to build it up stronger until now! I am so blessed! I am grateful for all that the lord allows me to have and do! are probably thinking this doesn't sound like the Chris I knew... he was always joking and playing around! Well, part of that is because this is a serious work and partly because I still do have fun! haha I lov eit! we see so many craxy things and just laugh! It is great, in fact for today we are going fishing and drinking mountain dew at our branch mission leaders 14 acre lake! I love to play pranks on my companions! The other night Elder Bowen was showering and me n' Elder Keefer turned off the hot water valve! haha it was so funny! Well I am doing fantastic and I hope n' pray you all are as well!
   Elder Ford

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