Monday, October 7, 2013

Elder Ford updates

I am going to start responding to people individually, and then writing a message to go forth unto all! haha Work in Warrenton is well. A little slow but well. Our zone leaders giving us ways to help find so that is good! We are teaching a young kid named Andrew. I say young he is my age. he is dating a girl in the ward. He watched conference with bailey (his GF) and she said he loved it. we are planning on meeting with him this week to see if he really wants to meet with us and get baptized or if it is just for the girl. I think it is a real intent though! so that is good! He is closest to baptism. We were teaching a man named Donny, who lives next to a recent convert. He came to church last week and said he likes his baptist church more, we were kinda gonna drop him but we invited him and his neighbor to come to general conference at the church, they accepted. Conference came and neither showed. I think we are officially dropping him. kinda sad... but we need to move on! We are teaching a former investigator as well. His name is Micheal. He has a trachea pipe. because he smokes so much.. sad! we are slowly working with him! and lastly we are teaching a lady named Rita! she is nice and "wants to go back to church" and was formerly a baptist! so that is good! we have met with her once and she liked it! just need to find her a ride! Her boss at Wendys is a recent convert so that should be good!  We watched conference at the church! and for the Sunday afternoon session were the only people there! hahaha kinda funny, the bulb in the projector blew! haaha so Elder Taft ran and got a tv from the library and we finished watching on that! so that was good! I am glad people are looking to help in with missionary work, because that is how it will work, with the members and the missionaries together! I loved conference it was great to hear from these inspired, called of god, men that we so often bare testimony of! What a blessing we have to hear it and so frequently and speedily! All is well in Warrenton! I am loving life.

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