Monday, October 14, 2013

All is well here in Warrenton!

All is well here in Warrenton! I am happy and teaching people (like I am called to do)! Me and my companion get along pretty well (happy are we)! We are contacted a former investigator to the church named Jeff. He is a nice guy, the reason the missionaries before stopped teaching him was because he went to jail! ha So that was fun... ha He doesn't have a job. SO it should be easier to meet with him. But, we will see. We teach him tomorrow! We are also teaching Rita again tomorrow, a nice old lady that works part time at Wendys! The closest person to being baptized is probably Andrew. He is dating a girl in the ward, so we are meeting with him to see if he really wants this or if it is just for the girl! Hopefully not  the latter! We are doing well though, we taught 20 lessons last week! So we met our "standard of excellence" set by our mission president! We are having fun and trying to do all we can to get this area going a bit faster! There is still no word on a Visa or anything of the sort. I will let you know when it comes! I do want it to come, but I do love the people and families in the ward! They are very nice, supportive, and love the missionaries! it is good to work with them! They try to help us, and guess what, it works! ha Funny how things work out when you do what the general authorities say! It is inspiring really... I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and does the lords work. He does nothing, save it were for the lord! All of the quorum of the 12 are indeed "Special Witnesses of Christ!" I love you all and hope you are continuing to do well back home!

    Elder Christian Ford

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