Sunday, October 26, 2014

Come What May & Love It

 Hello Dear Loved ones!
   This week was PACKED! Meetings everyday and lots of work to do! Was good though. The Feils, a senior couple that works in the office, are going home this week so Elder Crump found his way to get them to have us over for dinner! ha. It was nice, fun to see them and get to say goodbye. The are from Lehi, I will have to let you know info about their homecoming if I can.. or whatever it is the senior couples do when they come home.. haha. Will miss them. Will miss them. Speaking of missing things.. I do not remember if I said this in my last e-mail so sorry if it is a repeat! ha. After a lot of memory chasing with Elder Crump we decided we are suffering from PTD... It is similar to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that Vietnam vets and stuff have.. but it is Post-Tuggerah-Disorder! haha. We miss that ward... but understand that in order to progress we must move on! Sadly... I have my New companion! Fresh from the Mission home! ha. His name is Elder Nathan! From Perth, Western-Australia! He is way cool! Big Maori fella, born in NZ but grew up in Perth. He has such a desire to serve and work. It is incredible and such a blessing! Couldn't ask for a better trainee! Love him. Excited to spend the next 12 weeks with him! We have done what all new missionaries do... tract, learn how to contact, and of course as any missionary that served in Australia would know, Tim-Tam-Slam! haha. Bit the edge off the Tim-tam cookie, sip hot milo through it like a straw, and enjoy the melting goodness on your taste buds! haha. It is a fun aussie and missionary thing to do. ha I did peak at the blog Nyla made. WOW! That must have taken some work! Thank you! It was fun to look at! God has blessed me with great friends and family...
   This week I have had the chance to seriously put into action my "6-word-vision" said by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come What May & Love It!" Elder Nathan and I have been working fairly diligently, talking to as many people as we could. We sometimes got discouraged sometimes. However, I have done my best to be determined to have a good day! We have been making the most of situations, laughing at scorns and ridicule, and staying positive. The result has been good. Our companionship unity has sky-rocketed as an effect. We have been given the strength to continue on and be happy, despite the less-then-desirable results we achieved. We have "Kept the faith" so to speak, been progressing spiritually, and learning a lot (especially abut each other). We noticed last night as we pieced together out weekly numbers that we actually did a pretty good job, especially considering the chaotic week full of meetings we had. It was interesting to reflect and see how I was tested of what I put on any and every e-mail! I hope that we can continue on and see many great miracles. I do think we have the right combination to make it happen.
   Teaching as Jesus taught... We have been trying to discern what people are really yearning for spiritually and which aspect of the gospel they need to hear! It has been good. The 10 question survey we have been given to use helps greatly with that! It is good to gauge and see peoples understanding of God and to help them understand more. It is so much easier to share the gospel with someone when you know what part of all the great wisdom of God they need. Christ was the ultimate example of discernment! As he is with all good traits, skill, abilities, and gifts.
   The happiest moment of my mission so far... I would say there is a bunch of small moments that are too hard to choose from. All the fun memories made with my fellow missionaries in the field, all of the spiritual lessons in members homes, helping 9 amazing people to find the truth they had searched for their whole life! SO many moments of joy. I think reflecting  back on all these moments and reminiscing with the Elders, the missionaries, my family-my brothers out here. Those are my happiest moments. See I say that but then I remember each individual I have had the opportunity to teach and I have the same feeling.. I think of the awesome family I got to teach and their friendship, I feel the same. I think of getting the chance to "raise my 1st born son" and I feel joy. Honestly, I cannot pin a single happiest moment. I  have never been good at making difficult decisions... just ask my mother. ha. 
   I love you ALL! Thank you for all you do and have done for me! It is because of all of you that I am who I am today. I am grateful!
               Elder Ford

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