Sunday, October 12, 2014

God Given Role-Models

Hello My dearest Loved ones!!!!
   What a week! From Public holidays, and zone conferences, to zone leader exchanges and general Conference! It has been HEAPS crazy! Heaps fun though too. I think I filled you in late last week about all the early week-shenanigans. The weekend came and Gen. Con. was only being broadcast at the Stake Center. So ALL the missionaries in the zone (28), were gathered there. After the Saturday morning session ended there was only a few members there and they all went home or other places. So all the Elders went to Coles (grocery store) and got some stuff, met back at the ZL's apartment and we had a HUGE missionary lunch! We were almost late for the afternoon session. haha. I think It was 12 or 14 elders, many of whom were Polynesian! So we had to cook up a big feed. I think we got like 5 KG's of chicken drumsticks, a bunch of instant noodles, corned beef, and I bought 4 large chips for everyone. It was mad! ha. SO fun though! The thing to do in the zone to kill time is play Uno. SO there were a few rounds of Uno going. Was fun! That night I think 12 Elders all slept over at the same small flat. haha. For dinner we got 2 family feasts from KFC after Priesthood session. Huge meal! ha. Sunday was not quite as chaotic. More members and they all brought lunch for us. It was nice! Normanhurst ward was good! Took care of us. 
   That is probably the funnest part of the week. Other than that is was average. We had lunch at a members house on the 7th story. That was fun to see the view. Did I send this last week? his toilet was weird. ha. It was like hidden in the bathroom cupboard. ha I included a picture for you... Don't worry the picture is clean! 
  Conference was good. Inspiring as always. I quite enjoyed Elder Bednars story about his 2 young boys. Funny! I bet me and Andy have some funny ones.. I know me and my cousin do! paint EVERYWHERE in grandmas basement.. ha Anyway. Conference. Elder Nelsons talk was good. I have really come to like him a lot. The Sunday morning session felt like a tribute to President Monson.. kinda weird. Love him though! There was a 70 that spoke.. Jorg Clebingot or something. Liked his talk a lot. Hollands was a show. Enjoyed it. Made me want to be more generous! Hence the 2 KFC meals... Was inspired over the weekend!
   This week has been good. I was trying to see what my core experience had been so I could share it. I kept seeing small things, nothing I could make to by my CORE experience. I saw many of the small things begin to be connected. I saw my parents traits in me. Sometimes I see this and it scares me.. ha. However this time it was good. Frequently growing up, my mother always taught me to "Be the  first one there and the Last to leave!" NOT so I could chat and talk to friends, but so that I could help set-up and clean up. Whatever the occasion. At this point in life it has become habit. I saw twice this week peoples gratitude when large clean up tasks had already been started. I do not mean to saw that I am so great because I clean up. There are many times I have forgotten to cleanup and NOT shown my scout up-bringing of "leave no trace." I am happy that I could be the lords tool to help them in their busy callings and lives. Called to Serve. Whether great or small acts... some say it's all about the little things. Another trait I recognized that was given me by the great role-models God gave me. Whenever my family went on trips back home, my dad would ALWAYS talk to random people and make friends. We rarely ever met these people again. It always seemed to have a positive impact on him and these new people we had met and been friends with for a brief moment. I see now, in contacting everyday, that people are not trusting. people have such a negative attitude about the world and people. That is what we are trying to change. By simply talking to people and being happy, sharing with them the happiness we have, we can change and get the world closer to a Zion Community and a Zion World. The lord gives us great examples, All around us, In our families, in our companions, in our leaders, in himself. it is an interesting experience to share. I do not feel I have communicated it adequately.. but I pray it is received clearly. 
   Teaching as Jesus taught.... This week I have been striving to be evermore humble. A zone leader exchange highlighted, for me, how I can do this. We are progressed, we think we know a topic. When we look at the perspective of another, we know nothing about the same topic. Ultimate humility is required in all cases. Even when we know we are right. We still need to consider from anothers view, how we Could be wrong. Jesus is the perfect example of Humility. I hope to always become like him!
   My love for Heavenly father has grown the last few transfers mostly through prayer. I have started to pray more earnestly and truly trying to converse and give true thanks to my father in heaven. how do have a greater relationship with someone? Give them time, talk to them. I have been trying to do so. My the length of my prayers have grown, but it doesn't bother. I get SO much more out of prayer. it is not just a tradition and quick "thing I do before I go to bed." I Share with God how I am feeling, trying to understand my situation from HIS view, not asking for as much but rather talking to him about the day, what happened. I try to pray continuously throughout each day. Giving even more time to my Father above. You truly grow to see and understand his view and your potential and your purpose. 
    I am so grateful for the love you all show for me. Thank you! I wish and pray for your success! God be with you!
     Elder Ford

 Conference at the Zone Leaders...
The hidden toilet...

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