Sunday, October 19, 2014

And the Cycle Repeats Itself..

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Hello my wonderful friends and family!!!
     I love you all so much! You are fantastic! Every single one of you! man... Good week. Big week. Even Bigger week this week! HUGE week! ha. Last week was good. We went up to Brooklyn, the top of our area. It was fun! Pretty place. It is a quite little boat town. Until the weekend! Then it is a popular destination to go boating! ha. It was fun. It was quite one of the days we were up there. Really calm and Peaceful. Reminded me of dad. We always went to quite little fishing places just to walk and experience the beauty of the earth! We got transfer calls on Saturday. Elder Simeavao is leaving the Normanhurst ward after 6 months. sad... I know how he feels...  *caugh*caugh* Tuggerah *caugh*caugh*  ... ha.  Later that day we went to a child of record baptism, we were asked to fill the font and pass out flyers to all the non-members coming! While there we got a phone call from President Howes. You always get a little nervous when President calls and your companion answers and says "it's for you!" Handing the phone to you. ha. I have been asked to Train a new missionary! Hurray! ha. I have never trained before so he wanted to explain a bit about it. SO the new missionaries don't fly in 'till Wednesday... SO they put the missionaries who are training together for those few days. I am temporarily with Elder Crump! If you have a good memory, you MIGHT remember that I was in the MTC with Elder Crump, and served with him for a Day while visa-waiting in Missouri. He is way fun! He also trained Elder Orr and I replaced him in Tuggerah. We served in Coffs around the same time also. So we have lots of connections! It will be a good couple of days. Today we had transfers, tomorrow we have the "Train the Trainers" meeting, Wednesday we have the "new Arrivals" meeting, where we will get our new companions, Thursday is District Leader Training again, and Friday is District meeting because we can't do it Wednesday. So Something is going on everyday! Gonna Be a BIG week! Excited! eager to meet the new companion... The district changed a lot to. one from every companionship left. The sister staying in Normanhurst is training as well. The Dural Elders both have new companions, both I am told work well. One was even my zone leader my last transfer in Coffs! So that is kinda wierd.. he is released now. ha So lots of change. 
   My core experience this week is similar to last week. I talked about the example my parents had on my mission and my attitude. This week, especially after I was told I would be given the chance to train, I often thought of my trainer. I Learned  a lot from Elder Tsai! A lot. I find it odd, I was "born" to him when he was a about 3/4 of the way done with his mission, he was a district leader, and was now training for the first time. As in life, we all turn out to be much more like our parents than we imagine. Besides those similarities, I thought of all the 12-week training sessions, odd adjustments coming to a new country, and learning opportunities that presented themselves. I am grateful for my trainer, and all those opportunities! I will now hove the blessing of strengthening, helping, and learning from a missionary in a similar situation! I expect I will learn more from him than him from I. However, a feeling of gratitude in remembrance of my "forefathers" and excitement to repeat the cycle have been my core experience this week.
   I am trying to always be more patient and humble. I have struggled with this for a few weeks. I feel bad,  I have learned this lesson before. Or maybe I am just learning it on a new level... I don't know. Christ-like characteristics are always the most difficult things to obtain. It takes constant self evaluation and change! The blessings are obvious and very convenient. 
    As a result of conference... I am trying to strengthen my testimony deeper and deeper. From the past 2 G.C.'s it very much seems that the world and the church will only grow apart. The importance and value of the church and it's teaching will NEED to be #1 in every members priorities. It should be already, yes. Nonetheless, the message I received is that. We all will need to deepen, strengthen, even fortify our testimonies and selves in the gospel to rise up to the needs of our Father in Heaven. That we may be able to do our part in the strengthening of his kingdom and establishing Zion. I am grateful for the Prophet, his councilors, and all of the special witnesses of Christ that strengthen and warn us from the Lords watchtower!
      I am excited for the new transfer! I see a lot of good things that can happen. The district changed a LOT, but I see a lot of potential as a result! It should be good. I am excited to work with the new Elders in the District and hope that I can do my part to make the new missionaries the best they can be! I hope for and expect Great things out of the "Dura-hurst" District!
    Much Love,
        Elder Ford

Elder Crump & I
In Brooklyn

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