Monday, May 26, 2014

What is memorial Day?

 Hello friends and family!
   So you all have a holiday today, huh? well it is a good thing we don't celebrate it here because if we did I would not be able to e-mail because the library would be closed!  Anyways, hope you all enjoy the warming up weather! it is getting cooler in the mornings but all is well so far! Praying it stays nice! ha. Warming up in Utah... A year ago I was speaking in my home wards sacrament! Crazy! Funny thing, I spoke at the baptism we had on Saturday! It wasn't quite the same... less philosophy of man... more scripture! ha. Zak was baptized. He is 14 and an awesome kid. real quiet, and likes to choose the right. His little brother Isiah is so funny! He is nuts and speaks his mind. it honestly reminds me of My brother and myself. So, I LOVED teaching him. His mom and dad are going to be baptized soon as well. It will be a great thing and a a big deal, great blessing to their family!
   This week we have been fed pretty well! We went to the Hancocks for dinner on night and man they pulled out all the stops! It was incredible! SO much food! Good food too! Bro. Hancock is amazing, he found a family for us to teach. he is the best member missionary I have ever seen! We LOVE to work with him. He used to be a bishop and is So solid in teaching. he used to be a personal trainer and has a little gym in his garage, so we work out with him on Monday mornings. It is good! We taught a lesson when we went for dinner and left a commitment as missionaries will do, they accepted and extended us a commitment to make sure we are exercising every day, "the 30 minutes every morning right out of preach my gospel," he said. It was awesome.
   We also had dinner at the Thompson home this last week. They have 4 boys and we love going over there. they are so fun and nice to us. We got their 11 year old son a gift for his birthday. So of course me and Elder Orr put some candy in a grocery bag tie it up, wrap it in cling wrap, and repeat that process several times before wrapping tightly it in duck tape putting it in a shoe box with a small American flag (thanks mom!) and proceed to cover and wrap the box and make an impenetrable fortress of duck tape, then put the American flag tape around it (again thanks mom!). It was hilarious! They thought it was pretty funny. SO funny!!! ha He had a good birthday!
     My core experience with god this week came from church this week. Zak who had been baptized the day prior received the Holy Ghost! It was special. Zak is a leader in his family right now. He truly is leading his family in righteousness and setting the path for them. he is quiet and might not realize it but he is guiding his family to the lord in his decision. The mixture of all going well with Zak and his family and our investigator family finally coming to church proved to me two things. First, People are looking and searching for the gospel, they are more prepared than ever! it is incredible! Second, the gospel truly blesses families. Zaks parents are now staying for all three hours of church, Graeme and Denise (the investigator family) fit right in to the ward! Their kids recognized friends from school and forged other new friendships. They were all happy, these two families are coming closer together as they are coming closer to Christ. I see how our flat-family is able to identify with each other and help each other as we are getting better and better at the work we are called to do. The entire Plan of Salvation is for FAMILIES! That really hit me as we taught Graeme and Denise this week and hit me even more at church this Sunday. I am grateful for my Eternal family and my Eternal Father and his guidance.
   We are getting better in our teaching. We are splitting time well, transitioning well, and learning a lot from our District leader, Elder Balmes, when we are on exchanges. We are trying to apply all we can to teach simply, clearly, and personally. Studies in the morning is key. It sets the tone for our day. We are preparing and it is working. I think I need to pay more attention to my teaching and how I can improve... I say the same thing every week, but it is true every week! I need to learn a  bit quicker. ha
   Our level of being consecrated as a missionary varies. It is usually always... where I would call good on the scale. Not great, not alright, but overall good, a little abocve average. At least comparably to my past year in the mission. I do not intend to be prideful but I do think we are doing good. There is always more room for improvement though. District meeting this last week was really good for that. We had an apartment discussion on how we can ALL help each other to be better. We have some good goals set! I live with some good missionaries.. I hope to keep getting better and better through out my mission. After all, improvement and progression have one eternal round...
   I am grateful for all of you in my life! Thank you for your example in my life. Don't underscore yourself... I even hear some of you are getting called to Be mission presidents in the far far east! Good Luck! Love You All!
    Elder Ford

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