Sunday, May 4, 2014

Family History Fire


Hello, wonderful Brothers and Sisters!
   This week has been great. I told you allthat we were told to get familiear with our Family History and I know understand why people love it so much! I loved connecting the trees and reading stories from my ancestors. I read about about Andrew Ole Anderson and his pony express adventures and his run-ins with the indians, I loved reading the story About how the Ford family joined the church in england and crossed teh ocean on what the Aussies would call a very "dodgey" vessel! It was fantastic! Our ward family history advisor was so excited to show us all about it and introduce us to all the people in the family history center. I guess 1 of every 2 people is interested in family history. A great finding method!
  We had the blessing of being able to help Emerlita Donado Torres on her path back to heaven by entering in to the waters of baptism! It was great! She is a refferal from Sister Johnstone. Merly was SO ready for the gospel we didn't really have to do much, the spirit was already working with her and our primary president was fantastic in the fellowship. It wsa great to be able to help her on her path. Miraculous you might even say.
   My core experience with god this week was pretty simple. Elder Orr and myself started to weed out some of our "borderline Obdeience." Particularly in the area of music. The blessings followed. Sister Merly Torres was baptised and she was and is so ready. I don't like to use the term golden, but she was so ready and willing for the gospel and the commandments. We bettered ourselves, we followed the rules we'd been given and our investigator recieved the blessings. It was so great to see and help someone reach the ordinance of baptism for the first time in THIS mission. Continuing on with the rules we'd been given. I gave a talk after the baptism and invited all to be baptised, like we have been asked to do. In the time afterwards when everyone was in the gym having refreshments and talking, a member we thought didn't trust us came to us and asked if we could come by this week and teach their family, moastly their duaghter who is preparing for baptism in the coming months. I have always known obedience brings blessing, and exact obedience brings miracles, heard that a thousand times. I have seen similear blessing before. It is just nice to have reminders as we continue to see the vision and align our self with it! it feels so much better to know you are doing the right thing than to think "I hope I am doing the right thing and following the rules okay."
    Teaching is getting better. We are becoming less over-bearing and teaching more simply. It is helping our investigators I think. Why would it not? We are giving them a lot of new things to think about. We all know what it is like to not understand something, for example math class. It is easy, for me at least, to get lost in math class. The end result is me hating math class. If we confuse the people we teach they won't accept the gospel becuase they do not understand it, and we will have to be accountable for that at the last day. Simplicity is the key. That is what I am seeing as I study the atonement everyday. The gospel is more simple than we sometiems make it out to be. That study is going well by the way. It usually ends up taking up more of my study time than I originally intend. ha.
    The biggest thing I learned this last transfer is I need to start taking the lead more, especially at members home when we are trying to get out on time. I am coming up on a year out and am no longer the less-experienced in misson. I just need to keep breaking those mental barriers I spoke about a month or two back. Also, getting to really know people, members and investigators. I was told that a LOT last transfer and had several experiences. I need to understand and know the people I am trying to serve. I would say that is what I learned last transfer.
   I love you ALL!
    Elder Ford

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