Sunday, June 1, 2014

Power of Prayer

Hello my loved ones!
  Not  whole lot to report this week. We are doing well. Graeme and Denise are doing well. We are hoping they continue to love church. We are doing a good work here. One of the members had a big ward party for his 80th birthday. We were spreading out, working the members as missionaries do. I was talking to our WML, Bro. Ferguson, and he said he was getting a lot of good reports from members about us. SO I hope that is true and that we can keep it up! I am pretty happy. Don't really need anything.. The sun looked pretty cool breaking through the clouds the other day! I am grateful for all your thoughts and prayers!
  I thought I would give ya a joke to lighten your mood as your read E-mails.
What did the Pioneers eat coming across the plains?............................................Parcly P. Pratt.    ha... ha... ha...
I hope that brightened up your day! I will get on with my letter now.
   My Core experience with god this week has been one that directly changes what I do. There have been a few things leading me to pray more effectively. In my personal study I was reading about what we should and need to pray for. It hit me a bit. I have always felt that my prayers are a bit repetitive and a bit like a grocery list, as Preach My Gospel puts it. I read that we should pray and specifically tell heavenly father who blessed our lives that day and how. That lead me to think more about my prayers and put a bit more effort into them. The BIG changer came during a companionship study. Elder Lewis has been studying prayer lately and he shared what he found in the Bible dictionary. It basically tells us that one of the reasons prayers go unanswered is because they are not the will of Christ.  We pray in the name of Christ. We should not ask for or say anything to our Father In Heaven in the name of Christ that our savior would not say himself. I have been taking much longer saying prayers. Praying for and showing gratitude for individuals by name. More of a daily report than a list of "Thanks for this, give me that." I have been finding, as a wonderful Hymn illustrates, finding more purpose in prayer. As I put more effort forth  and really show more love all phases of work are becoming more clearly. I have found myself more aware of guidance by the spirit, which has done MUCH for my studies this past week. The blessings are evident and clear. It has changed much of what I do and how I react to situations. I am grateful for the revelation heavenly father sees fit to bestow upon me.
   Teaching as Jesus taught.... I always seem to struggle a bit with this each week... We are teaching more how Preach My Gospel outlines the lessons, more following the counsel of our District Leader, and to the whole family. This family we are teaching seems to be a perfect fit and opportunity for us. They are the most Preach My Gospel lessons I have taught. We teach the family, but by the way it goes it is to the father. The lord is preparing his people to receive the restored gospel! He is IS hastening his work. We are teaching the family and following the guide laid out before us. I seem to say this a lot. We used Preach My Gospel and it worked! Weird, right?
   I plan to ensure this family we are teaching gets baptized by doing exactly what we know needs to be done, exactly what we have been taught! Set up a baptismal calendar, keep daily contact, take some advice I got today and be Bold, since it only takes 20 seconds of bravery (I love that!). I plan to prepare them and teach them all that they must know, and more importantly, do to live with him some day.
   I love you all!
Love, Elder Ford

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