Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Higher Plane

Hello my wonderful friends and family!
I hope you all have had a fantastic week I know I have. It has been a really good one. Last week for P-day Bro. Hancock took us to "The Mental Hospital." We had to drop off Elder Orr. ha no I am kidding. It is a site where they have a BUNCH of kangaroos! So I took some pictures for ya! We broke out our onsies me and Elder ORR haha. Pretty funny. We also tried to do some street contacting on the bike path that goes around Tuggerah lake. Dad would love that place. He loves bike paths.... ha. It was a nice and sunny day! So we took a minute to look at the beautiful lake. It was nice! SO I included a picture of that as well. Thought you would enjoy. They call it winter here but this week has been really nice actually! Really nice. Very much so enjoying that! I hear it is nice weather there as well. Good for ya'all! Enjoy the long hot summer, I would. i am excited for the 4th of July coming up. We have four Americans in our Flat, I guess that is pretty rare. So we are going to sing the Star Spangled Banner (Hymn no. 339) to open our companionship study that day. haha. ANd I have an American Flag so we can put our hands over our hearts and go the whole 9 yards!
 Here is Another Joke to brighten up your e-mail reading.
  Who puts the Leaves back on the trees in the spring time?.............................................
The Re-leaf society. ha. ha. (Credit to Sister Hughes in Sunridge Ward (one of my old primary teachers) for that joke)
...well....On to my weekly e-mail we venture!
    My core experience this week was all about revelation. As I have strived for greater guidance from the spirit I have been more able to easily recieve Revelation. For myself, my companionship, and the District. I am constantly thinking of things I can do to share or help the Districts or my own situations. There is an obvious connection between the increase of Revelation and my desires. It is that, my desires. I now feel a greater sense of responsibility and purpose. I have a greater need to rely on the spirit. All week I have been thinking "wow, it is incredible how I just receive promptings." It is indeed incredible. What is the reason it flows better now? I see now that it is sincere desire and real intent to change and serve. It is a consious decision to think on a higher plane. I have noticed this slowly spreading across differant fields of our companionship. We are activly seeking to improve our prayer to our father in heaven. We are actively trying to have the spirit by being obedient to mission rules. We are sincerely seeking more inspiration and revelaton. (I do not mean to be prideful I aor brag about the good we are doing, but trying to point out good changes I see.) I now more fully realize the promise in the Book of Mormon, we WILL recieve an answer to that the Book is ture if we ask with REAL INTENT to change. We can act all we want but Improvement and Progression will not occur unless we have a desire to change. I recall hearing words in a transfer meeting from inspired leaders, "You determine the level of spirituality you live." If we have real intent to change, to improve and progress, we determine to live on a higher plane. I see my companionship and out flat all on this upward slope. I hope my ramblings added up to a coherent and understandable lesson I learned. It made sense in my head.
   Last week I spoke about how we were trying to find and utilize more resources. We have been sharing some mormon messages in lessons. It has had a very good impact! I do understand there is a danger in relying fully on a video for a lesson. SO we are trying to find ways we can integrate them rather than have them be the focus. It is good though. It really brings the spirit and we can feel more what to teach to the individuals. It is not nessecarily how Jesus taught, but he did utilize what he had. He taught in parables. I feel that mormon messages and parables have a similear out come. To teach based on experiences we can percieve but have not nessecarily experienced ourselves. I hope it continues to be a fruitful method of teaching where appropriate.
   The mission so far is great! The Sydney North Mission is Differant from the Mission I was "Born" in. So it is fun to be able to learn from and see two differant worlds. Altogether the experience is simiear though. It is very humbling and really shows you what is important in life. I talk about this with Elder Orr often. We really see now what is important. Plans that we had before our missions now seem pointless and mwith out purpose. We usually find the idea of home life and not being a missionary quite odd. I would the mission experience 12.5 months out is great so far! I have learned a lot and know I have muck to learn. I am finding the mission very revelatory and Life-changing. Absolutely life-changing.  Many thughts or ideologies I had are now very differant. i can see the eternal perspective easier and why I believe what I believe.
  I LOVE you all! I have had many extrodinary examples in my life. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. All the sacrafices you have made in my behalf. I am eternally grateful!
            Elder Ford

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