Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another week in the life!

Been a good week. Busy Busy! We had Temple P-day today, thus we e-mailed today not yesterday! MLC or Mission Leadership Council last Monday was good! Always enjoy a training from President Howes! Always. So the Mount Druitt Elders get all this Islander stuff from their members. So they tried to scare us with their... outfits the other nights! Ha. It was pretty funny! Speaking of the Mount Druitt Elders... They came home one night... noticed a light was on in their room. (now, Elder King is a neat freak (in good Way) and locks up and turns off all the lights before he leaves so this was weird.) He walked over to see what was going on, fully expecting us to be up to something in their study. All their clothes were on the ground and it looked a bit off... So Elder Stockman goes to see if our room is thrashed too... he goes and opens the door, but it doesn't open all the way! So he pushes it again. There was a man hiding behind the door with a bag full of stuff! Long story short... he gives all the stuff back, the Elders teach him a lesson about the atonement, give him some food (he said he was homeless), tell him they love him, and invite him to church! haha. If it were ANYONE else but missionaries he would be beaten and in jail! haha. Craziest thing! haha. So now we are taking a bit more precaution in our Flat safety and lock down.As one would... There are moments here in Minchinbury where I can actually see a sunset. I had a Hotel California flash back! Thought I'd share it with you.
    My core experience with God this week. We did go to the temple today, it was revelatory. However, I do not feel compelled to share that today. Perhaps another time. Other than that, I LOVED the chance we got to watch "Meet The Mormons." It was great, filled me with the spirit and thankfulness! Many different aspects of why we do what we do as Latter-Day-Saints. I LOVED seeing the missionary son serving. It strongly reminded me of my purpose and what we are doing here. I just wanted to talk with everyone! I kept thinking..."Man... I love the Gospel and the church!" I felt a great connection to my Brothers and Sisters as I was able to see how the gospel connects us all, and gives us all a purpose and sense of being. I often question how anyone could not or would not even try to read the B.O.M. or to believe in The Lord our God. It fills us with purpose and love one another! Watching that filled me with Th Spirit and Joy!
    Jesus taught people wherever he went. We have been focusing on trying to not only teach when we find and find when we teach, but also always teaching in every visit to a members home. Not that we ever plan to stop by without sharing something. But even in short unplanned visits we can still teach something life changing! I am reminded often of a quote from a great old leader and friend of mine: "Every moment with someone is a teaching opportunity!" We have been striving to have a lasting impact by making every moment a teaching opportunity.
    If my companion could have 1 Christ-like attribute I would chose Patience. It helps in countless settings! I do lots of weird and potentially irritating things by nature so they would have to have patience with me. Also, if you don't have patience in teaching... it can turn very bad very quickly, and make it very difficult to recover from! Patience is responding well to everything that comes and moving forward. Not just holding your tongue when you are angry. In a very real sense it is living "Come What May & Love It!" If I could help any missionary out with or chose a companion to have 1 strength or Christ-like attribute it would be Patience!
   Thank you all for your love. I feel it. You are all an inspiration to me! Truly. You do so much good, you don't even know! I Thank you!
             Elder Ford

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