Sunday, April 26, 2015


 Week has been crazy! SO many Experiences!Floods, rain, hail, special zone trainings, and the results of it all! The week started with like 4 days of straight non-stop rain! SO ridiculous! The rain went down the wal and under our wall to come up into our carpet! Yikes! It started by the wall in our study room on MY side, so it's the joke that I must not be righteous... ha. ha..ha..   It quickly (by morning) had spread to the other side of the room, then that afternoon it was into the hall way, then the next day it had wrapped around the kitchen and was into the living room! We had to move our stuff into the other room, anything on the floor was soaking in water. Our apartment has been getting al humid and dank smelling! They (the office) gave us some stuff to vacumm it all up and take away the smell. It is getting  better now that the weather has stopped and it has had time to dry! DOo not worry, we are healthy and the mission office is n to it! On a brighter note, and better smelling, we were able to take a recent convert to the temple for the first time to do some family files in the baptistry! It was great! He loved it and was quite humbled and awstruck! Great man! Bro Lazarus always buys stuff for us and gives us gift cards to Coles (grocery store) and meat platters he wins at his golf cub! ha Great man! We also went on exchanges with the Leura Elders, up in the Blue Mountains! Pretty sweet. Great Elders! It is really setting into fall up there so I took a picture for yous! (don't worry here that is proper to say. haha) Also, Elder Stockman (a Maori Elder we live with) and I went out of our way last p-day just to find Peachee! One of the greatest things australia has to offer! Bundaberg Peach flavored soda! SO good! Highly recommend it. What a week! SO busy! Didn't even mention Preach My Gospel studies with the sisters and ur meetings! Oh! We went to the mission office to pick some stuff up when one of the office couples says you're coming with us right? "uh.. what" We had to help drive two smashed cars to the repairman deep into the south mission! Crazy! The cars were parked at the Normanhurst chapel during a zone conference when the rain and wind caused a tree to snap in half and the top half fell on the cars! Smashed the bonet (hood), front lights, and door handle of one car, While it broken the back window in another! Nuts! Took us a huge portion of our day.. unplanned! But when you're in the service of your fellow man... you know the rest ;)
     My core experience with God this week was simple. I had the chance to be in various teaching situations. I noticed the inexperience of some of the missionaries I was around. I could see myself in them. I am where I am now with more knowledge and capability. I can do things more powerfully than before in my mission. Skills like introducing the Book of Mormon using the introduction in the front of the book, the commitment pattern, reciting the first vision, etc. A these things that the Lord has been able to help me to learn. Now I see these missionaries learning the same thing I learned in the earlier stages of my mission. I now know why the Lord has called me t be here, serving in this capacity, when before I did not understand it. The Lord puts us and calls us where we are needed, to help those we need to help and teach those we need to teach. A simple but powerful reminding experience
   Teaching as Jesus taught. With all these things I have learned it is great to see how the spirit can work and bring back t u memory the right thing at the right time! All the zone conferences and trainings are paying off. I feel great, being able to see and feel the spirit working through Elder Moore and I, giving these people exactly what they need. The Savior was the Master.He knew what was right at the right time, the spirit can help us to realize the same.
   Something I have learned in my mission is obedience. Not just following the white hand book and mission rues. But listening to what your leaders tell you. Doing the small things even if you disagree. Not having district lunch every week for example. I fought it, but it wasn't until after we had made the change and been living it for a while that I saw the blessings! It applies to trainings and keeping commitments as well. It is not until I practiced what we were trained about, as invited and committed to do, that I gained the skills I have spoken about earlier. When we do what we are invited to do we grow, That simple.Not just going to a meeting to go to it, but apply it afterwards, instead of just saying "Oh, that was nice and uplifting!"
I testify that the Spirit of God changes us to be what is best and what will end up making us the Most happy!
 I love you all! I hope you can feel that. I really do! Thank you for the support! I pray for you all.
        Elder Ford

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