Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rainy Days in Sydney

 Hello WORLD!!!! Love you all! 
   It has been raining SO much here! Like everyday! ha. So annoying! At least it is warm though. At least it is warm! Not too discouraged though! We have had a good week! Saw some of my favorite members from Tuggerah so that was fun! Good visit. Grateful for their travels to the Land of Normanhurst! The "He is the gift" is getting pretty good we hear! Good good. We are really trying to spread knowledge of it well! Also, we are guiding tours at the Temple lights tonight so that should be a fun opportunity for us! The CHRISTmas season does do a bit for the work. People can be more open! Plus we have the CHRISTmas spirit to use as well. usually works in our favor! It is good!
    My core experience with god this week is different than usual. I kept finding myself distracted and downtrodden in spirit. Overly distracted by thoughts of home, of going home, of friends going home, and what I, and others, will do when these things happen. The usual distractions: school, work, transportation, etc. All that. I knew it was not what I should be thinking about but the thoughts persisted. I did not want to be like some missionaries I had seen who lost steam in their last 6 months serving. I DID want, however, to be like other great leaders I have had, Serving faithful and being driven by purpose until the end. I see now upon hearing small things from them back home at the great difference in conversion to the gospel it has caused in the lives of those missionaries. I want to be faithful. I want to do what is Right. I want to "labor the rest of my days crying repentance unto the people." Seeing I definitely needed help, I decided to humble my self and ask for a Priesthood blessing from my companion,something I rarely ask for. I am stubborn... anyway! That very night I realized I hadn't thought about any of that all day and we had been very successful and saw many miracles. I pray that I can keep serving Diligently and faithfully, in deed, heart, and especially thought!
    Teaching as Jesus Taught. Jesus always taught in unity with the spirit and his Father. We are striving to do the same. I would like to say we are teaching with that unity and also unity as a companionship! Elder Nathan and I were blessed with many more teaching opportunities than usual this week. We were able to teach in unity with each other and the spirit. It was a great feeling. the spirit is so much stronger when you and your companion are unified. And even more so when you are obedient, striving to purify yourselves and motives, and thus being in Unity with the Spirit! That is when we are teaching with the Power and authority we have been blessed with. I would advise all to look at their lives and ensure they can enjoy that unity with the spirit always!
   I love you all! You are fantastic! Thank you for you love and support! I will always be grateful for all you do/have done/will do for me! Merry CHRISTmas!
       Elder Ford

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