Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Christmas!/18 Month mark

 Hello my loved ones!! How great you all are! Thank you for caring!
  Good week so far. good week. We have some new people in the district! Elder Bjornberg is new and been trained by Elder Spicer, and Sister Aldan from Micronesia has come to work with Sister Vereivalu! The zone leaders came to District Meeting this week! Elder Watts from Kaysville, who I served around up in Coffs, and Elder Guthrie from Bountiful. Was good. Also, weird side note. The sisters I came out with Died! they are back home.. weird! ha Weird to think...3/4's served! To celebrate me and Elder Nathan went out and got some Fish 'n Chips! The Coast and Port have much better Fish n' Chips than Hornsby.. ha. but nonetheless! all is well! We h ad our Normanhurst ward Christmas party! Here is me and Elder Nathan with a good and funny group of guys! Summertime is winding up and the sunsets are too! This was a cool one the other day as we were walking around in Hornsby! Shout out to the Schwendiman family! Welcoming a new member to family! Congrats! What a special spirit she must be... Good on ya!
   My core thoughts and experience this week is a sad one. I noticed my work had become a bit stagnant. I looked at what I was doing and noticed I had spiritual digressed. I was lower than I had been months back! I was sad when I realized I had be come complacent in the work. We all know when we are not Improving and progressing (as I have written about before) we are spiritually declining and digressing. Elder Nathan and I took a look at what we had done so far, found where I went wrong. Together we have reasoned with the Lord and come to find how we many accomplish all we seek to do in this area. We have now started our "40-day-fasts." We are excited to fast from all the things that poke at our spirit for the next 40 days in order to purify our motives. We really hope to stay focused on our Purpose. After an exchange with our Zone Leaders, Elder Guthrie and Elder Watts, we felt rejuvenated and revitalized in spirit! I wouldn't say our hearts were in a bad place, but we have had an increase of spirit that has led to a change of heart. We are excited to see miracle here in Normanhurst this CHRISTmas! It is no coincidence that we received a member referral right after making the list for our forty day fasts...
   To improve my teaching I am trying to be more like the Master teacher himself! I am seeking to be more humble. Another trait I recognized that creeped back into my soul, or perhaps never left... Pride is a ridiculous thing... and SO hard to rid your self of. I am striving though. I am a firm believer that as you take one step towards Christ he takes two steps back at you! I am grateful more and more everyday for what the Savior of the world did, and was, for us. Not only do we have the magnificent gift of the Atonement, but his example alone we could spend entire lifetimes learning from and striving to follow and internalize in ourselves.
   I cannot quite remember any particular dramatic experience where the Holy Ghost protected me from danger or saved me. I am sure there are many, I'm even more sure my mother could tell you all of the instances in my childhood, ha.  But I do know and am very aware that he leads and guides us into the harbor of spiritual protection and safety each day. He always guides and prompts. Always. Spiritual destruction and danger and ever more present than physical obstacles. It is all around us. Thus the need to purify ourselves and truly live in the world but not of it! A statement made by many church members quite often. Yet, I fear we do not fully realize how difficult that is and how much we are sucked into the world and Satans firm grip on it. The only way we can be led to that protected harbor I mentioned is to humble ourselves and follow, oh, so carefully the the gentle guidance of the "still small voice." As we do we will truly realize how great a gift the Savior was and how really special this CHRISTmas season really is! 
  I LOVE you all! thaks for all you do! Remember to have a CHRIST centered CHRISTmas! Here is a short video that should help!

  Elder Ford

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