Sunday, December 28, 2014

A New Sense of Commitment

 Happy New Year!!!! And more importantly Happy Birthday Mother!!!!!!
What a week it has been! So much has happened. We had ZTM and felt the spirit then got all our Christmas packages! It was great to read all of the testimonies and letters I received thank you! thank you! We had a secret Santa in the zone, I got a box 7 "Fairytale Princess" Barbie dolls. I was the laugh of the whole zone. It was pretty funny! One of the Elders In my district had me.. so he HAD to do something funny. ha. Christmas was good. I enjoyed talking with all those who I got the chance to! boxing day.. nothing really to  exciting..ha. I have had a couple of visitors this week! There is a big YSA convention Sydney right now. It is basically like EFY/FSY for YSA. Anyway, we were assigned by the assistants to usher for an activity they had. And guess what... Who else shows up but on old Returned Missionary Friend! Elder.. or Brother Leneham! My first zone leader in this mission. It was fun to catch up and get a bite to eat! We miss his presence in the mission. Later that day, the Thompsons from Tuggerah came to give me and Elder Nathan a CHRISTmas gift! SO nice of them! You truly make some good friends that are more like family when you serve. It was good to see "family" again. I am e-mailing late because we had our "Temple P-day" today. Meaning that instead of studying we get to go to the temple as a zone for "P-day." Pretty fun! I included a picture for you.. Ithink it is sideways though... sorry for making you all turn your head! ha.
   My core experience with God this week was great. The last little bit we had found ourselves in a bit of a sad cycle. We lost a bit of a sense of purpose, so we would get a little discouraged, so we would work a little less, which led to losing a bit of purpose and getting a little more discouraged, then doing a little less and so on. We noticed it and couldn't figure out what was happening. When we finally put it all together we saw this little cycle. We have been fighting for several days now, and both seem to be receiving some fantastic revelation. I have finished the Book of Mormon and am now reading and studying Preach My Gospel for studies. Chapter 1: My Purpose. After doing the 1st study idea and reading some of the 1st chapter I had felt revived and reminded of what spiritual power we have and have been given. We talked as a companionship and have targeted ways to improve and have started doing so. I am very excited. We see lots of things happening right now in Normanhurst. Thankful for the time of year and the spirit it brings to the world! We were talking with a recently returned missionary earlier this week. He said he went to a missionary meeting and felt so powerless and stripped of so much because he was not a missionary any more. This Brother had been a great leader in his mission and was looked up to by many missionaries. When he told us of this spiritual power it had reminded us of our studies. I have now "risen to a new sense of commitment!"  We are looking foreword with faith and excitement for what God can bring. We desire to change the world around us and there by... change the world itself!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. I am striving to be more like my savior by having more trust. He knew who, when, and how to trust others. I have moved from trying to show the way and lead out all the time when teaching. Lately however, I have tried to be a bit more reserved and let my companion teach rather than smother and dominate the lesson with what I think needs to be said. I need to let others grow! I am striving to be more like my savior and Teach as he taught by Trusting others, especially my companion.
   Goals for 2014. Do all I can to ensure the Salvation of my fellow men. Not a very specific goal, if you want something in numbers... I spoke recently about a vision I had obtained for being involved in 20 Baptisms. I would 11 in about 6 months. I have faith. I will do all I can for that vision to come to fruition. Also, to fulfill that which I have been called to do. Gather Israel and Strengthen Zion. Work with those who have not yet received ordinances or who have set aside their covenants. I hope to become converted and to help others receive the blessing of the Atonement, especially those who may not understand them or who may
   I love you all SO much and dearly! You are fantastic! happy New Year!
      Elder Ford

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