Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lessons Learned

My dearest  loved ones... How I love you so!
   Been a good week. One of the Sister Missionaries in our ward hurt her leg this week so they have the car a lot more now. As a consequence we have gotten much more familear with public transport! We thought it would be funny to take a picture while the train was stopped real quick, since we are the Normanhurst Elders. the sign in the back is small.. but it says Normanhurst! ha. We were walking on the street the other night when the branches kind of moved a funny way. We stopped and looked up the tree, what do ya know! A POSSUM! How awesome? (ha..ha... lame rhyming...). (I pictured Davis Busteed saying the last parentheses) ha. I love ane miss my friends serving. as well as my friends in Missouri and back home. I think of all of you often.. but too often to be creepy...  We had some open space on our whiteboard so we decided to add some personality to it! ha. Elder Nathan and I just laughed.. Ball so Hard... or for the older genereation "Do really good missionary work and work hard." That us about all the fun and worldly updates...,
      My core experience this week has been a conversation piece for my companion and I. The Priesthood. We have been able to exercise the Priesthood in various ways the past week or two. Giving blessings and administering the sacrament mostly. We had the blessing of being able to go with a member of the ward to a Hospital with a specialty in the area of cancer, where we met Sister Edwige. She is a sweet elderly french speaking woman from New Caledonia. Luckily the member with us had served a mission in France and Mauritius. Her joy was so full as she was able to receive a blessing and partake of the sacrament blessed in her native tongue. We noticed a very similar gratitude after blessing a very faithful and very humble missionary. I kept hearing a talk from President Eyring in my mind. "The Priesthood Man." There may have been some pride infused into me, but I do recognize that the power and authority has NOTHING to do with me. The point I will get to is that I was fulfilling my purpose and calling so others were blessed by God and received the benefits. Men and women are both blessed by the priesthood, one may have the power conferred upon him, but BOTH receive the blessings and benefits. The idea I am attempting to paint however, is the importance of embracing Magnifying our callings. Our currant and short term callings, as well our eternal callings. For me it is as a Full Time Missionary and as a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. As a companion and as a son. As District Leader and as Brother. Callings are not just ways to serve in the church, but relationships we have with our families and with GOD. Doing our part and being who we have been called and set apart to be is embracing and magnifying our calling. Doing our VERY best and giving all we have to these callings is keeping our covenants and magnifying our callings. 
   We have been teaching as Jesus taught by teaching correct principles. We get concerns or questions then have studied it out using other missionaries or our missionary reference library to answer the question or concern. We can have so much knowledge if we just "Put our shoulder to the wheel" and study it out, if we ask questions and answer then. Not by instantly doubting and assuming this stranger who knows not the church or the God who guides it has found a secret hole in the plan. Fear not, only believe. We have been studying and teaching correctly. As I am positive Jesus did.
   A lesson of great importance I have learned on my mission is one of priorities. Before my mission I probably had good priorities. Serving a mission removes a spiritual blind fold of what you find important though. I now realize the importance of  eternal families, ordinances particularly the Sealing ordinance (which I had No plans of obtaining before I was set apart), and really  the Church and Jesus Christ! If the Savior of mankind and his Church does not effect all we do and deem important, we are greatly mislead by the adversary. When you forget about the world and all it's other good add-ons or ornaments, you see the truly important roots and branches in the Christmas tree that is you and your life and thereby your priorities. I have learned a great lesson of TRUE priorities on my mission.
  Again, I love you all! Thank you for all that you have done and will do. I am grateful!
          Elder Ford

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