Sunday, November 9, 2014

Focus on Christ

 Hello Dear Friends and Family!
   I love and miss you all! Wherever you are! Utah, Missouri, Sydney, Canada, anywhere...
I feel bad.. I don't have any tremendously exiting or funny to tell you about! ha. I wish I had some funny pictures to send! I will try to make a mental note to do that! Here is a picture of me at my Desk that Elder Nathan took. I might have already sent that! IDK. ha. Here is the stuffed kangaroo we role-play to for our 12-week study! ha. Also Elder Nathan hard At work studying! Good on him! here is our Bedroom.... I don't know why I took that! But there ya go! haha. can ya Guess which bed is mine?
   There is actually something exciting going on down here. I am unsure if I have mentioned it before and "can't be bothered" looking back into my previous e-mails! The Whole Pacific area fasted on fast Sunday for missionary work and for what is being called "Invitation Sunday!" The name  gives away what it is. Every member is    supposed to invite someone to a special sacrament meeting! Now I am blessed to be in the Baulkham Hills stake because the Stake president is taking it to the next level! he is having every ward prepare a specific sacrament with 3 musical numbers, 1 being the primary, and 3 talks, 1 being a full time missionary, and a after the special and spiritual sacrament meeting, the kids and youth go to regular class but all the adult members are lead by missionaries on chapel tours. Highlighting various things throughout the chapel, sacrament table, pictures, primary, family history room and the temple ( a good way to invite to all the Christmas lights at the temple in DEC.), and it all ends int eh cultural hall with short video on the restoration and refreshments + mingling afterwards! We are going on splits 3 nights a week until the 30th of November to invite EVERYONE on the ward list to come if they are less-active and invite all the active members to invite a friend or family member! It is supposed to be a HUGE day! The Stake president has a HUGE vision and I am excited! It is a great time to be a missionary! Guess I did have some exciting news after all.. haha
   This week I was striving to find strength and guidance from on high. We were at a home with a less-active who has a great love for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We watched a few Christmas songs they had preformed in the past with him, when it hit me. I have been so focused on learning about Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and Church History that I had forgotten why it was so important and who it testified of. Jesus Christ. Not to say I had felt distanced from my savior, but that I had preoccupied myself with learning and studying of Good, even better, things but not the BEST things. One could argue that those were the best things at the time and it has now changed. However, the meaning is the same. I had lost focus of what all the exciting information I was learning meant! This was re-hashed into my brain the next day during President Interviews. I need to rely on the Savior and his enabling power EACH day. I hope to now keep that in my heart and mind always, never forgetting or losing sight of my purpose and what I am doing. Everything testifies of Christ. I am excited to continue in my reading of the Book of Mormon with this new and refreshed view and spirit. It is all about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
   Elder Nathan and I are trying to teach as Jesus taught by "keeping our eye single to the Glory of God." yes, this does mean controlling our thoughts and eyes, but bigger than that it means adjusting our view to see his (Gods) view. Often times we only see things from our limited perception, when we consider our view as well as the view of God we see what he sees and desire what he desires. Thus we have a single image in our head, what God wants, keeping our Eye single to the Glory of God.
   Elder Nathan is GREAT! he is always wanting to improve and find better ways to do things. He has an innovative mind is really striving to see success as a missionary. He loves God and wants to serve with all his heart, might, mind and strength. I am so happy and blessed to be with him! His desire is huge. He likes to eat healthy but be full. So we eat well, and don't go hungry, the perfect combo! He is really settling nicely and adjusting to the work quickly. it is good to see. he is a fast learner and will be great tool in the hands of the Lord. I am excited to "see how we  go!"
I love each of you! I am grateful for the roll you have played in my life! I know this is a broad e-mail and goes to a lot of people, but I do think of you all individually while I am writing it and the things you taught me!
    Elder Ford

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