Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tender Mercies... The Lord Provides

Hello and Good day family and friends! I love you all dearly..
   This week has been good! We have a top level to our apartment, on the roof. IT is all finished and has tables and BBQs and stuff. Pretty cool. But we went up there the other night it was cool! You could see so far! (relatively). So I took a night time picture of Mount Druitt For you! we got all of our Preach My Gospel studies with the sisters in the zone done! did all 4 this week. Pretty busy.. now we have 2 District Leader Exchanges this week! ha. so that should be fun! Always busy now-a-days! Always something to do! One of them is Elder Lonitenisi! A Tongan Elder that used to be in my District when I was a District Leader. I sent you a picture a while back so I thought I would give you a flash back and send the same picture cause I will be working with him again! haha. Sweet Elder! Sweet-as. Great missionary!  We have a zone p-day planned today! Elder Moores brain child, it is pretty cool. Zone Fear Factor! ha. so we will be making some gross foods for the missionaries to eat! haha. also some egg challenges! should be funny! Hopefully I will have some good photos for you in the future! ha Well... on to the real purpose of the letter!
     My Core experience with God this week has been a reoccurring thought. I have heard MANY time the phrase: "Obedience Brings Blessings." True. I have a testimony of it, absolutely! What Are the blessing of obedience though? It is simple once you figure it out. The blessing for living in harmony with the gospel are the Tender Mercies of the Lord. Another cute phrase we have heard about often. So this is what I have pondered about. Tender Mercies. We always learn of the miracles that occur while we are in the service of our god, how things always seem to work out just perfectly! How we are always comforted by something small. These are the Tender Mercies of the Lord. Tender Mercies are the moment that are all too good and well to be a coincidence. It could be working our hardest all day... only to get a call from members saying that they have a bag of groceries for you. Which just so happen to contain the delecacies the companionship was talking about and yearning for only a few moments before hand. It is having the right hymn play at at random when you enter the car. In the real world it could be running into a friend at the temple that has the exact advice needed. It is having the exact amount of funds left to obtain what is needed at he end of a fortnight. It is your companion saying or giving something of the utmost and personal importance. It is going on exchanges in with just the right missionary to to find just the right person to teach just the right lesson. It is the MIRACLES happening! Living the Gospel and obeying Gods commands is receiving the Tender Mercies of the Lord. Obedience brings the spirit of God into our lives to comfort and lift us higher! The Tender Mercies of the Lord are exquisite....
     Teaching as Jesus taught. Adjusting to the situation. We started Gospel principles class late and as w2e were starting this sister walked in and the conversation shifted to her weekend experience. She ended up telling a big story. It was spiritual we could learn from it, but it meant we would NOT have time to cover a lesson of the deepest meaning... The Atonement. This topic could never be given sufficient time in a church class regularly let alone the last 5-10 minutes of class. I was amazed as I saw my companion do the impossible. H taught the class and gave the lesson. The spirit was there, we all learned and taught about the Atonement. Another Tender Mercy I would say. We can adjust to any situation and still get done what needs to be done. The Lord provides as I like to say... The Lord Provides!
   My goals for the next 3 months...
            I would love to baptize each month! That would be fantastic, not for the numbers but because I know it is possible and I want to help these people. That is another goal I would say Do the most good I can before my time has come. That is not really  measurable though... But I want to fulfill all my duties and assignments, help each missionary learn something, and Baptize each month. I think that is the best thing I could do in the next 3 months! Help Penrith Zone to Improve! Get to the Top of their spirituality, so they can baptize each month as the Lord and our leaders have indicated is possible.
 Love you all heaps! So much LOVE!!!! Heaps of Ofa Atu!
               Elder Ford

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