Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Do You Have?

Been a great week! Great Week! Started off with P-day roasting a Pig at eh Fine familys! Great Tongan family! They gave so much for us. It was a great experience. Live pig i the morning when we showed up.. in our belly that evening! They taught us how to make Otai!  A tongan drink! Amazing! Here  are some great pictures! Lots to do! Heaps of shotgun exchanges and P. my G. studies! Real Busy! And we are going to Mission Leadership Council today. Wearing a suit like 9 days in a row.. fun stuff! Gotta love it! Serving the Lord and others...
     My Core experience with God this week comes from 2 occasions. "You don't realize what you have." I had a dream earlier this week. I was in the car all was normal I was wearing a white shirt and tie, all was well. Until I noticed I didn't have my Missionary tag on. I kept feeling looking for it! Feeling as if all hope was lost and my commission was gone. I felt like crying.... I am not a crier. You generally do not feel anything physical during dreams... I could feel the sadness and evidence weeping building inside me. I woke up and realized it was a dream. I realized the meaning of the dream quickly, as one with such an experience would. I have a great power and responsibility. I don't think I fully realize what I have.  The 2nd occasion came from the Elder Bednar conference. It was great to see him personally and hear so many ask and answer his questions. I thought I had a fantastic question! Slowly as everyone else was asking questions I was contemplating my question. Slowly, amid all the answers and requests for knowledge that had no relevance to what I intended to inquire of, I got the answer in my head and recorded the revelation, so it would not be lost. The answer I need to be more sincere in my prayers and stay sincere instead of always getting lazy, vain, and repetitious. I wondered how I could keep a zeal and commitment after I had already learned this lesson twice in the last 18 months. The answer came louder. Prayer. Prayer was the answer to it all. I again recorded all the information I had received. I tuned back in to the meeting, they were talking about asking inspired questions, before revelations came they were talking about Elder Bednars fears for our generation. Later in the meeting, I was happy to raise my hand when Elder David A. asked anyone to raise their hand if they had received an answer to a question that not one else had asked or talked about. He and us all were amazed at the # of hands that up. I LOVED when he said "That is a miracle just as Powerful as the parting of the Red sea!" What a true statement. Between these 2 experiences I have come to realize a bit more fully What I have, what power the Lord has given me, and the Great abilities He blessing me and Us All with. Out of that conference I decided I need to obviously prayer more sincerely rather than routinely. And more importantly to help people ACT. The ability of extending commitments is such a valuable tool and thing to do! WE need to help people act!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. I Learned HEAPS from reading the Talks assigned to us to read and all the preparation that took place for the 2 mission conference. I loved the Talk "Learning by Faith." All of the insights were so useful especially to us as missionaries. I hope to be able to help anyone we teach, Investigator, less-active, or full time missionary, to Learn by faith and act as an agent for themselves. As Elder Bednar identified!
I love you all! Thank you for your support! It's busy at the library!.. time is running short my friends! At the Library!
        Elder Ford

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