Thursday, February 19, 2015

Miracle Exchange!

Elder Ford, Elder Tonne, Elder Moore
Elder Laurensen, Elder Ford

Been a good week! Felt so long but so fast at the same time! haha. was great! Our district leaders stopped in after their District leader training. Was good to see them! We took some pictures. Here is a picture of Us and Elder Toone (in the middle). Me and Elder Moore. The assistants came for exchanges on Valentines day so we all wore red ties! haha. It was funny! People commented on it! it was funny. I didn't know the area too well but luckily Elder Laurensen served there earlier in his mission! So he was able to show me around a bit! Was good. He is a great Elder Great Elder!
The work went well this week. Not too much to report. It sounds like you are all doing well. glad to hear it! Dad found the chapel here in minchinbury on google maps as he always likes to do. ha. It is fun to see. Not too much else to report...
   This week my core experience with God, I would say, was going on exchanges with the assistants. It was great to learn from them and see how missionary work should be! I felt uplifted and inspired. We didn't have the best plans but we went forward with faith and actually did quite a bit and accomplished our exchange goals. being and talking with Elder Laurensen I learned a lot about our Savior and our role as leaders. I realized I need to rise to the level of what is expected of me. I felt the spirit and was happy, I felt that I needed to "Rise to a new sense of commitment" as Preach My Gospel says. This combined with the Elder Bednar talks we have been assigned to read lately have helped me to see what my "weapons of rebellion against God" are and encouraged me to let go of and bury them. This is how I am overcoming any distractions keeping me from holding to the rod and progressing. I am striving to continually focus on the words of Christ, as I taught others to do as a District Leader. I realized there is more expected of me than I have been living and doing. I want to establish the Lords vision for this zone with Elder Moore. If you have any input on how we can help inspire these great missionaries, please let us know.
   Jesus knew the People and how to work with them. This last week I have met many new friends and families here in Minchinbury. I hope seek to know everyone in this big ward so I can help the ward to grow. If we know the people, we can help them to learn. If we can help them to learn they will be more than willing to fellowship and rise to a new sense of commitment as we all should. That is how a true Zion like community runs. Everyone helping and learning and growing together, bringing everyone with them. I can see Mighty Penrtih excelling with Members Present at all teaching opportunities. MP. Just a thought. Being like Christ the master, and KNOWING the people, not knowing OF the people.
   I love you all! Thanks for all that you do for! I truly love each of you!
           Elder Ford

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