Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Realization of Time

Hello My dearest Loved ones!!!! How much I do Love you, you will never know...
This week has been good! A pretty regular week. We had a zone conference. Always fun. District meeting on Wednesday. It was good we learned about teaching and our resources. We took some pictures after. Here ya go! A couple of pictures! went on two exchanges this week! Back to back! Elder Nathan went to Dural for 2 days and I handled the fort here  in Normanhurst for the same. Elder Bjornberg form west Valley Utah and Elder Tetuira from Tahiti! Both great missionaries, loved serving with both of them! was fun.. forgot to take pictures! Sorry... ha. had a good time though. Taught a lesson with 2 returned missionaries for our members present, was smash! Felt the spirit. It was cool, everything was like triple testified! ha. loved it. Well... on the lessons learned on my part!
     My core experience with God this week was realizing my time. Not to say I am thinking about home or getting trunky, but I realized time doesn't slow down or stop. I was thinking this week and the spirit helped me to understand how much more I could be doing and my true potential as a missionary. I saw how valuable our time as a missionary is and of powerful and sacred our calling is. It helped me again to be more purpose driven. I then went on two fantastic exchanges and felt like I really helped and guided these missionaries. It is not the longest experience I have written about, but is an important one!
   Teaching as Jesus taught. During district meeting, and zone conference for that matter, this last week we focused on teaching for understanding. We learned several different things we can do and how we can help the people understand more of our great message. We also focused on what the Brethern say to MAKE SURE every one we teach understands. How can we expect people to accept our message if the cannot understand it properly. We need to teach so basically that no one can misunderstand and that a child can have the knowledge to make the correct choice in embracing the gospel.
   I learned from the White Hand Book this week that blessing are just as sacred as ordinances. All the direction and protocol are in the back ready for us to review. How it administer a Priesthood blessing is in with the rest of the "How to's" of the Priesthood, including: Baptism & Confirmation, Baby Blessings, blessing a home, dedicating graves, and setting apart priesthood and auxiliary leaders. great things to be learned from the WHB!
       Elder Ford

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