Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainy days in Australia

 It has been raining all weekend. On top of that no one has wanted to answer their door... haha. So it was one of those weekends! Gotta love it. Makes the good times good! It makes it really humid too! ha. So, that is fun... i guess... If you're into humidity. ha. It has been a good week though! We have done some good things and Elder Punu has met pretty much everyone now. So, that is good! We have been doing well! Had 25 lessons last week. We were driving around looking for people on a new list of less-actives and there was a sign that said "Newport Island" so I HAD to take a picture in front of it! haha I figured dad, if no one else would get a good laugh out of it.
  We have the great opportunity to hear from Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the 12 this week! So that means Elder Ford gets to drive down to Sydney and back in less than 24 hours again! haha I am happy with doing so though. At least this time we will have the Taree Elders with us, we are supposed to take them down. Regardless, it will be an amazing opportunity to hear from an Apostle! It is a very big deal and quite an experience we are fortunate to have! We are all eagerly awaiting and working until Wednesday!
   President and Sister Howes came up this week for interviews. It was great to talk to them 1-on-1! They both asked me about Missouri and how I felt about it. I told them what I tell everyone else, It DEFINITELY was for a reason! I made friends with incredible members, missionaries, and Recent converts that I plan on staying in contact with most of my life! I was blessed to be able to stay there for the time I did. However, I am glad to be here now and wouldn't rather be anywhere else! President commented on how it confuses him because he thinks I am a young missionary but then realizes that I am actually an old missionary! I didn't think 8 months made me an old missionary.. but alright! ha I am so grateful for them and their love for the missionaries they lead!
    My core experience with god this week... I see know that I have a little responsibility, in taking over an area. I now have to stand up and do. I have to lead through the area, not follow through the area. I think this chance has definite potential to exponentially increase my effectiveness as a missionary, if I respond correctly and follow the spirit that is. I have been thinking a lot this past week of how I should handle things and how I should work. I feel that I can either grow quickly or back down from the nervousness that comes from new responsibility and become stagnant in the work. Obviously I hope to achieve the first! I am trying to be the best I can be.
   To teach as Jesus taught, I think I need to be more understanding and more bold. Tell people they need to change and understand why they don't want to. It is natural to be hesitant instead of bold. the natural man is an enemy to god. The right thing to do is hardly and usually never natural. That is what I aim to do. Hopefully I can be bold enough with myself to make myself change! ha
  I can't really pin one scripture that inspires me. It changes as does daily life. I guess If I had to narrow it down to 2 scriptures I would choose Ether 6:10 (the verse I quoted in my piece for the Book of Mormon web page) & 2 timothy 2:3 which reads "Thou therefore endure hardness , as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. "   Why? It's simple really, endure! Fight to the end for Christ.

  I love you all!  thank you for your support!
     Love, Elder Ford

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