Sunday, January 12, 2014

Elder Ford in Port Macquarie

SO something interesting. Green peppers are called "capsicums" here.. kinda odd. And the pharmacy is called the chemist. oh and instead of Kool-Aid powder... here a liquid mixed with drinks is called cordial. it is okay. oh and desserts here are not nearly as good. at least at restaurants. no mcflurris or shakes or anything. that is all new this week. hope all is well.
My core experience with god this week was after talking to President Howes. He said he never saw miracles. It made me think of all the small miracle s that happen everyday! We truly are led to people and people are led to us, all the time! We meet and help people all the time. I began thinking about how every companionship has that one investigator that is just "nuts." How is it that missionaries always find these unique individuals to teach. They are led to the people that need Christ and love the most! It is SO true! You cannot tell me that missionaries and the work we do is NOT inspired. We do see miracles everyday... it is such a great part about serving the Lord.
   I received some revelation at the special zone conference in Coffs Harbour last week. There are so many resources for us to use just waiting for us to use them! For example all of the information in the pamphlets. Jesus used all the resources he could, so why shouldn't we? I am going to look for as many of the "hidden" resources I can.
   We have only recently started using the survey and seen a little success. I plan to keep using it in the street contacting way of finding. I think we can get a lot of people thinking. WE are also looking into the details for setting up a booth somewhere in port... that could be a good idea!
  I am doing well. I feel that me and Elder Tsai are continuing to work better and better!
p.s. the library here requires money... so we are at the office works e-mailing today. haha. kinda cheating the system.. It is like office max or staples. ha have a great week!
Love, Elder Ford

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