Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jealous of the Surf...

I am doing well friends and family! I love you all. Australia is fun! I saw a kangaroo for the first time yesterday! That was fun! I have now seen both of the big animals people want to see here  in Australia! We visited a man named Derek, and he showed us some beautiful places near his home. That is the 2nd picture!  Port is Beautiful and the best part is... There is no snow! ha I hear you are now suffering that... I am so sorry... ha. It is nice here. very warm, I am really enjoying that! I am happy to hear form all of you.
OH and my mission address is: P.O. Box 2723 Carlingford NSW 2118 (letters only)
The Coast here is Beautiful! I love being able to see it. It is odd though cause I am so used to seeing it on the west side and the sun setting so it is a little disorienting at times... because it is obviously on the east side! The waves are HUGE it taunts me and makes me really want to learn how to surf! ha 
  My core experience with god this week was for the first time seeing a huge blessing from dedicated fasting. I started my fast Sunday and ended my fast with prayer and dedicated my fast to our finding efforts. I had never seen a big blessing from fasting before... It just kind of seemed to be "what we do"or "just cause"that is what we are told. I have never had more new investigators are opportunities to talk to new people as I have had this week! it was quite amazing honestly! in fact our zone has nearly reached its goal for finding on the month. I have never been close to reaching a goal like this before. I hope to again see a miracle! I hope that we can continue to see and act on these opportunities. For, I did notice that the harder I tried to set up a return appointment and help them learn, and all the things we do to get a new investigator that they opened up more and I was able to help them learn and like us more. Due to the spirit I would say. Gaining a testimony of Fasting and effort is what I would say my core experience with god was this week! 
   I am doing better with listening. I was on exchanges with Elder Leneham this past week. We visited a former investigator that was a 7th day Adventist. It could have very easily turned into a bible bashing session. But Because me and Elder Leneham had the idea of asking inspired questions and listening fresh in our minds from 12-week study that morning we were able to help him understand the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith more. We saw his countenance change. It was interesting. I am trying to do better at listening, and seeing success. But like any bad habit it is taking a little longer than I would like to break.
I love you all and hope all is going well! I pray for many of you back home every night.
      Elder Christian Ford

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